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Motevo :: GTV-X5 :: $569.00

Motevo GTV-X5

Item# 20496

6.2" Touchscreen CD/DVD/MP3 Navigation Receiver with Motorized Tilt Screen and built-in Bluetooth

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

  • 6.2" TFT display with touch screen
  • AM/FM Radio
  • DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MPEG1-4 compatible
  • Built-in Navigation
  • Built-in bluetooth
  • iPod Interface
  • USB port
  • SD/MMC Card Slot
  • Auto switching Rear view camera connection
  • 2 audio/video inputs
  • 1 audio only input
  • 2 audio/video outputs
  • 1 audio only output
  • Wireless remote
  • PAL/NTSC/SECAM compatible
  • Motorized face
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
*Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer warranty.
This item is accompanied by a manufacturer's warranty. If it is found to be defective, it may be returned to for replacement within 30 days from the original date of purchase with proper return authorization. After the 30 day time period, products must be returned to their original manufacturer for the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty period.

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   Levi B From Southern California
I recently had the GTV-X5 installed in my 06 Dodge Mega-Cab 4X4 Diesel (Yes… I obviously LOVE my truck). I chose this unit because it was considerably less expensive than the AVIC series units I had been looking at for quite some time. I rarely feel compelled to give reviews on products, because most of the time when I read them, they are not really all that helpful. That being said, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and share my experience with this product. I hope you find it useful. Cost: This unit is considerably less expensive than many other head units in this genre. For the price, you will get a pretty nice unit, and if you’re not into name-dropping for the sake of name-dropping, than this unit is a really good deal. The local install shops like will more than likely give you an even better deal when you purchase several items with this, such as an amp and speakers. I recommend that you get your haggling cap on when you make the purchase. Size: The dual-din size was a hair too big for the opening in the dash faceplate of my truck, but a few slight mod's (enlargement) to the faceplate and it fit perfectly. Installation: Although I didn’t install this myself, I am the curious type, so I observed quite a bit of the process. I’ve installed several audio systems in the past, and the installation of this unit seemed pretty detailed. I would recommend that you spend the extra money on a few “additions” as I ran into a few issues post installation and had to have them installed after I had initially decided against them. They will be discussed later on in this review, but the module that ties the unit in with the factory Infinity amplifier is an absolute must. (See sound quality) Don’t forget about the steering wheel controls, as I did. The Dodge requires two separate control units, which added $130.00 to the end price, but if you’re like me, you paid for them when you bought your vehicle, and driving without them seems counter-intuitive. Sound Quality: The output volume on this unit is not bad, but the lack of a custom equalizer is definitely a minus. You can change the bass, treble, fade (front and rear) and balance (left and right). There are several standard “pre-set” equalizer sound settings like; pop, rock, classical, vocal and normal. But I would prefer to have a more user-customizable equalizer. I didn’t see a sub-woofer pre-out, thus there are no controls specifically for the levels on your sub woofers. I have an aftermarket amp and sub’s (Alpine PDX 1000 and Memphis Audio 10’s), which I assume the installer connected to the rear channel RCA audio outs. I had to have a “Bass Control Knob” installed as well, so I could control the levels directly, since I didn’t want to lose the rear speaker volume by lowering the rear level and raising the front level. This actually turned out to be a great solution in the end. When I first decided on the installation, I went with the bypass option of the stock Infinity amplifier that came with the truck. That was a mistake. The volume level that the Motevo puts out is not enough to hang with the extra bass generated by the aftermarket amp and subs. I had the installer order the module from “CableJohn” and the effect was immediately noticeable. I would recommend that you do the same. The cost is about $50.00 for the module, and worth EVERY penny. Don’t make the same mistake I did and cause your installer the added work of bypassing the amp, then having to reconnect EVERY wire after you come to the same conclusion, as I am certain you will. Screen Quality: The screen is very nicely sized, being big enough to watch a movie on DVD, and see all the detail. The screen itself provides excellent picture quality and the ability to adjust contrast, color and brightness is a huge plus. The touch screen works well, but you have to be pretty exact in where you place your finger, otherwise you’ll end up triggering the wrong function. I wouldn’t recommend using a stylus such as you would with a “Palm pilot” but the eraser end of a small pencil might be a good idea to try, if you have really large fingers. The motorized screen allows the user to adjust the angle with the touch of a button. This will be helpful to those of you who install this unit in a vehicle where the stereo is lower than eye level in the dash. One function that I found to be EXTREMELY valuable was the ability to turn the screen off. At night, this unit can sometimes seem like a solar flare in your dash, which is great if you’re watching a DVD, but if you’re like me, and keep your dash lights on the lowest possible setting at night, the radiant glow of the screen can be a bit overwhelming. I normally set my music selection and then turn the screen off. The screen comes back on whenever ANY function is changed, such as a volume adjustment or when a song selection is made. I wouldn’t mind it if Motevo had programmed the unit to automatically turn back off, after the function change, in order to allow the driver to maintain his/her concentration on the road. but it is only one button. Inputs: The Motevo comes with EVERY possible input imaginable. An IPOD specific cable is included, which is a nice option. The dedicated USB input comes with a cable, which converts the standard USB into a mini USB. The mini USB port is located behind a handy hidden flap in the front of the unit, next to a standard stereo jack plug, for those of you with MP3 players that haven’t joined the “IPOD Nation.” An SD Card slot is located behind the motorized screen, below the DVD/CD slot. Basically, you can chose how you want to store your music, and use whatever input you like best. User Interface: The Motevo uses a pretty simple interface without a lot of bells and whistles. The functions are fairly easy to figure out, and seem intuitive in many ways. As I stated earlier, there are a few functions that are missing, but for the price, you can’t go wrong. I was able to figure out almost all of the function in about 30 minutes of tinkering. The setup is quite simple and straight forward. The various screens that you go through are all user-friendly and uncomplicated. The software in this unit, allows you to set up your media with folders and then place your music in that specific folder. I set up my USB this way: I have five folders, each filled with a specific type of music, i.e. rock, rap, country, pop, and classical. You can set up your media device so that each folder is a particular CD. Then you can scroll though the folders and chose the CD you want to listen to, and then the songs will populate on the right. Remote Control: I have had a remote control with almost every aftermarket stereo I’ve owned in the last 10 years. Like any other remote control, whether it’s in your house or your car, this one is pretty standard. It is missing a few functions such as the screen dim button, but it still allows the driver to maintain their attention on the road while operating the unit. Once you learn where all the buttons are, you’ll be able to control most functions with ease. Overall, the Motevo GTV-X5 is a great head unit. I recommend this product to anyone that wants a multi-function mobile audio/video unit that easy to use, has above average sound and great video capabilities. The added benefit of this product is that you will have money left over to enhance your mobile audio with aftermarket amp’s and speakers. Thanks for taking the time to read my review. Levi B. Southern California

   Satan From Bakersfield,ca
for the price,a very good quality navi for the price,ipod interface is not all that i hoped for ,but it works,navi is excellent,bluetooth is a breeze,i would say good buy