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Kenwood KSC-SW10

Item #: 18756

150 Watt Amplified Active subwoofer Enclosure
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Product Reviews For Kenwood KSC-SW10
Larry - Connecticut
10/01/2008 09:28 PM

This was mounted under the drivers seat in our car. It really added depth to the lower-mid and bass end, and made the overall sound of the system sound more balanced and real. The remote adjustment is very convenient although it makes you want to tinker with the bass mix on each song, just because you can. The bass is tight and very well controlled at normal listening levels, but if you want people to hear you in the next county these aren't for "boom car" enthusiasts. Good quality, compact, and superb value.
Tom - Alberta Canada
04/09/2008 10:51 AM

I ordered this subwoofer since it can be hidden under the passenger seat and it could provide a more full sound than the Polk Audio DB75 door speakers I put in my Ford Escape recently. I found the Polks a little tinny and they needed just a bit more low end punch. I was not looking for powerful bass just a little more depth. This unit delivered as promised. The sound quality is good (not great) at reasonable volume. The louder they go the worse the sound gets but if you want loud you really need a proper amp and sub combination. The SW10 is not intended for loud thumping bass but it does add the necessary low end that is lost due to the relatively loud wind and road noise of the Escape. Installation was fairly straight forward since the head unit (Sony 610) has RCA sub and amp outputs. You would have to run it off the speakers if you had the factory Ford head unit. Delivery was timely (well within the time estimated) and the price was very good. However, delivery to Canada resulted in a suprise COD charge that I was not informed of when I oredered. Even with this charge it was much cheaper than buying in Canada retail. Overall I am pleased with the experience with this seller and with the product but my wife's factory subaru macintosh system still sounds better than my Escape and I can't have that. I will keep upgrading...
Jeff - Atlanta
02/22/2008 03:03 PM

Works great in my extended cab Chevy truck under the rear seat. Easy to install, instruction were very clear. Sounds great, fills in the low range the 4x6 and 6.5 speakers could not reach. It's best if you use bass blockers or a cross over on the normal speakers. The hand control is needed to fine tune, I turn it up more when the head volume is low and down when I really crank it. To be such a small unit it can put out some serious bass, I rarely go pass the half the volume on the hand control.
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