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Soundstream SCELL-1000

Item #: 19675

1000 Amp Cap Cell
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chad - florida
11/17/2010 12:09 PM

there's not much information or knowledge about these things. take it to most car audio shops and they've probably never seen or installed one. power acoustic makes these too but i bought this one. it's essentially a capacitor and a deep cycle battery in one. comes charged just like a battery from the store. somehow it doesnt put more strain on your alternator becuase the amps are drawing from this instead of your stock battery/alternator. dont ask me how because i always thought another battery would require a better alternator. for THE MOST info go to it will show you how to connect it to your battery and amps properly. this is definately the best of its kind.

jon - victoria BC canada
10/22/2009 06:33 PM

awesome. i cant believe how much harder my subs hit now. worth every penny. and i can run my system as loud as i want, have the high beams on, wipers on, heater at full blast and power Tokyo and my light never dim. lol.

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