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TKO Audio BH-960D

Item #: 19869

Dual Channel Headphones, Stereo A Channel
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Product Reviews For TKO Audio BH-960D

nelly - fort riley
07/01/2009 06:15 PM

I agree on the fact that the cushions are always fallin off! Is soo annoying, Ive had these for quite sometime now and feels like its about to break as soon as u hold it! They are too big and bulky, hard to store them away in ur car or truck! Over all unless u have grown kids who can take care of these things, they are not for small kids, im goin to purchase something more smaller and more durable, the only good thing is the sound is great! but wont last long im afraid!!

Justin - Florida
07/11/2008 09:32 AM

Had these headphones and they broke after a month. The battery cover plate cracked off and the batteries won't stay in now and yestrday the hinge on the right side snapped when they dropped in the car which is carpeted. They seem flimsy and cheap. We use these for our child and she also manages to get the cushions off the headphones every two minutes which is quite annoying. I would not recommend these!

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