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Cadence ZRS6K Item# 20822
6-1/2" 300W 2-Way High Fidelity ZRS Series Component Speaker System
Cadence :: ZRS6K :: $99.00

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating
Overall: 4.5 Star Rating
Features: 4.5 Star Rating
Value: 5 Star Rating
Quality: 4.5 Star Rating
aztekk From Tucson, AZ
Overall: 5 Star Rating
Features: 5 Star Rating
Value: 5 Star Rating
Quality: 5 Star Rating

Well, I finally broke down and ordered a set of these a few months ago. Heres how it went....


These speakers have left me a little befuddled.

In short, I have owned the Alpine SPX17 Pro Speakers (retail at about 500$) and the Focal KR2 k2 components (retail about $700).....the tweeters on this $160 set are putting these other sets to shame.

Its a crime that these companys are getting rich off these inferior sounding speakers.

I know alot of people in here wont believe this and thats unfortunate, you stand to save a boatload of money AND get better sound by purchasing these speakers instead of some ridiculously over priced mega-brand that is heavily marketed.

The star of this set is the tweeter.

The music that it produces is just so, SO open, whole, airy, uber-detailed and pleasing to the ear. Amazingly, there is nothing harsh about it (focal, I am looking at you). I cant get over how great this tweeter sounds. I go out on long drives just to listen to music through these speakers.

These speakers SHINE with power. They sound ok with the recommended 100 watts per channel, but I am feeding each one 300 real RMS watts per channel, and they sing. Do they sing beautifully. I used to be a volume monger, now I dont even turn the volume up, because these speakers just tell me everything in such a beautiful voice, they do not need to shout.I am even thinking of getting rid of my rear 7 by 10 speakers, because these front tweeters are just that satisfying.

The woofer is merely ok. I managed to blow one of them pretty easily. Theres nothing special about the woofers sound either, and I do not use it in my setup, I use a different brand.

The crossover is simply impeccable.It Sends the absolute perfect frequencies to the tweeter.

I love these tweeters and crossovers, they are worth every single penny and more. Thank you, Cadence

Aztekk From Tucson, AZ
Overall: 4 Star Rating
Features: 4 Star Rating
Value: 5 Star Rating
Quality: 4.5 Star Rating

 I do not have this particular set, but I have the ZRS710 kit which uses the same tweeter. I am impressed with how good the tweeter sounds, its loud, detailed and musical, not too harsh the way some metal domes are. If I blow my Alpine SPX 17 fronts, I will try this set.

Adrian From el paso texas.
Overall: 5 Star Rating
Features: 5 Star Rating
Value: 5 Star Rating
Quality: 5 Star Rating
really impressed with these. usually wouldnt go with a brand like this(im a fosgate guy) but the price, you just have to give these a chance. the crossover is great. put the 6 1/2 in my doors and it gives the front of my car a really good lows up front and the tweeters are as clear and loud as can be. running these of a rockford 600.4 and its like hearing angels sing when these crank up. would definately recomend. note give these babies a good 2 or 3 days to break in.
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