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Orion XTR402

Item #: 21143

4" 80W 2-way XTR Series Coaxial speaker System
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T. Parks - Memphis, Tn
05/11/2013 03:03 AM


 Yes, these Orion speakers sound as clean and precise as they look.  I realy wasn't expecting too much from these little guys, but I must say I have been very impressed with how well they handle high frequencies(12khz +). Clear image reproduction and ,to this point, no distortion.

 I am running these(4 ohm) in parralell with 6 1/2 coax.Infinity ref. (4ohm) w/o crossover in-line to single rear channel amplifier, to produce < 2ohm load @ 75watts rms.  L/R & R/R "b" channel with hpf @ 80hz. And man are these things rockin'. 

 For me, they were exactly what I needed to acheive a better balance of midrange freq. and treble. from the rear door panels of my GTI hatchback. I already have 1" tweets in the front door panels and 2-10"s in the back hatch. I was fortunate in selecting these Orion speakers, because they really filled in the "gap" where I needed more high-end.  My budget was tight, but now, so is my sound. FYI :  "JL Audio" 4" speaker grilles fit perfectly. Whether you want a speaker grille to be mounted flush or external on the door panel. 

  If anyone needs to replace their factory dash speakers(3 1/2") these Orion speaker mounting brackets could give you some flexability to upgrade to a 4" speaker. Oh,guys, don't expect much of any bass out of these speakers, just great high mids. and clear, precise treble response.

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