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iSimple ISTY12

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mike - oregon
10/07/2014 02:48 PM

2012 camry. This product does not interface correctly with the siriusxm svx200. You will receive audio and be able to change channels but the audio is very distorted. If you have an old tuner (ie svx100, cc1) it works correctly. DOES NOT WORK WITH SVX200 siriusxm tuner.

Robert Weiss - Texas
03/29/2014 12:13 PM


I haven't had much luck with isty12 in my Lexus RX. i simple says that they are working on software which will eliminate the almost continuous clicking noises but they don't know when it will be available. I can only get a few channels at a time because the tuning knob does not work properly and I must use the buttons to change channels to get what I want but first I need to find the stations to assign buttons which is hit and miss. It also took the installer and I quite a while to get it to work in the first place, although that isn't all isimple's fault.

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