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Kenwood KCA-BT300

Item #: 27047

Bluetooth Adapter for Kenwood Receivers
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Product Reviews For Kenwood KCA-BT300

Michael M. - Hendersonville, TN
11/17/2014 12:28 PM

Got this Bluetooth adapter in order to be able to use my cell phone with my Kenwood head unit. Worked (sporadically) for a little while - would "see" my phone sometimes, sometimes it would not, I would have to turn off my rcvr, turn it back on, hope that it linked... Now, it doesn't work at all, and the same unit in my wife's car has pooped out on her too. If your head unit doesn't have built in Bluetooth, and you want it, I would not recommend going this route. Spend the money you're going to waste on this, and buy a new head unit that has built in Bluetooth (preferably with a wired, remote mic - the units with mics in the faceplate aren't the best).

Rich - Denver
11/17/2014 12:13 PM

This item worked well with my Kenwood stereo about 25% of the time when I had a Samsung Galaxy S3. It had a lot of connection issues and I would have to disconnect power from it to hard reset it for it to connect to my phone. It was even worse when I first received it. I had to update the firmware which required a bluetooth capable laptop. I bought a bluetooth dongle and got it all installed on my laptop and then was able to update the firmware. This brought connection up to about 25%. However, now that I have a Galaxy S5, it does not connect at all. When it did work, it would stream music and make/receive calls. The user interface was a bit clumsy, but that was probably the stereo's features more than this unit.

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