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Single-DIN In-Dash MP3 Style Dual Knob Radio with USB/SD Card Inputs
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Patrick Lynch - Paris, KY
05/07/2011 09:00 AM


I installed this Pyle stereo in my 1968 Plymouth Fury VIP as part of a custom console I made for it as I kept the original factory radio in place. What appealed to me about this stereo is that it was a classic two shaft manually tuned AM/FM radio with the addition of MP3 so that it generally blended reasonably well with my 1960's interior. It was also a two channel unit which also appealed to me because I only had the two rear speaker openings available and I didn't want or need four speakers in this instance.

Installation was reasonably straightforward if you are used to the old style stereos as I am. I know it was only a 25 dollar stereo so my expectations are not super high but I did find myself wishing the Pyle had used thicker wires to connect to speakers,etc. Took some careful connecting to get the speakers to work.

Because it is a 25 dollar stereo I did not have audiophile expectations for it so I was delighted when it sounded better than I expected. However, if you want to crank it louder than my 49 year old ears now finds preferable there are two RCA plugs for adding an amplifier. Operation of the radio was pretty standard and the FM sound was excellent. For AM radio, I still listen to the Fury's original. On the whole, the money value/sound quality ratio was excellent. The sound was good and clear even driving with the window rolled down.

The MP3 player has very basic controls that allow the user to move back and forth between tracks and to fast forward or rewind through a track. This is fine as long as you don't want to skip large numbers of tracks to get to something you are looking for. It has ports for a USB thumb drive and an SD card. I prefer USB thumb drives which to me are like micro 8-tracks without all the bad things about that vintage format so I can't comment on SD card operation. Once the drive is plugged in, music starts within 15-30 seconds. For the thumb drive I'm using in this car, I had a lot of music in a folder and the rest just on the drive. I don't yet if the unit recognises folders and if it would let me move between folders. Nothing in the minimal instruction manual gives me any indication of how it works with folders. I did find that scrolling backwards from the first song it played got me into the folder but that's way too much scrolling to get to the first song in that folder. That is what is keeping me from scoring the product features higher. I think I'm going to just have a couple of different thumb drives to keep at hand with the 60's music on one drive and then my 50's doo wop on another. Probably the simplest solution if my musical mood changes from one trip to the next is to have the separate USB drives. I also observed that the better your MP3 files are, the better it sounds.

To get a more sophisticated interface would require spending more money on higher end equipment so I don't really fault the bare bones nature of this unit. I observed that Pyle's LCD screen version of this stereo is getting a lot of bad reviews on Amazon especially in regards to the tuner. I think in this case, the non-LCD stereo is the better unit. For my purposes, it does almost everything exactly as I need it to. I am very pleased with it.

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