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Boss Audio R2400D

Item #: 28688

2400W Class D Monoblock RIOT Series Power Car Audio Amplifier with Remote Subwoofer Level Control
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basshead - etown ky
12/04/2013 06:29 PM


I have two of the Boss Riot 2400 class D mono block amps running @ 1ohm each pushing two pioneer tsw3002d2 champion pros rated @3500 watts max and its extremly loud. the roof of my car, doors and all the glass in the car flexes so bad its almost scary and my system tends to piss alot of ppl off. but on a second note if your going to run more then 2000 watts of power the the big 3 upgrade, HO alternator and some good kinetik batterys are a must. anyways i like the amplifiers they are well worth the money for a budget system...also boss needs to start making there amps with cooling fans cause the last guy was right on a really hot day they will cut out from getting to hot but i saw this coming so i ran external cooling fans by the heat sinks to correct the issue before it became a reality

Nathan - Buffalo NY
06/12/2013 06:11 AM


I bought this amp for the price for running 2400 watts at one ohm. Got it hooked up to three kicker comp tens. This amp moves them subs and sounds nice,  only had the amp cut out once on a hot ass day, but i moved the ac blower on the amp and havent had an issue sense.   Just add two 12" PowerBass subs on the load and the amps still going strong!  This amp is worth the money for the thump it provides

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