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AudioControl 6XS-WHITE

Item #: 33793

 6-Channel Electronic Crossover (White) 
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MSTRIMMO - Kentucky
04/10/2014 08:51 PM


This is not your typical crossover... If you want to Bi amp your components then this set up is king. This will crossover BEFORE the Amp or (in my case the pre Amp) After this seperates the frequencies and allows only those you want through for your components it will then go through the EQS << Audio Controls 6 Channel pre amp ( provide 7- 9 volts to the Sound Stream REF 4.920 amp ). The amp will then only be receiving those frequencies going to the components and those are seperated in the 4 channels... ( no power is wasted amplifting frequencies that would otherwise be filtered out in typical component crossovers)

Tweets R&L front and the mid bass R&L Rear all going to their designated drivers creating the front sound stage. Yes Two sets of wires are required to go to each door but the cross over is clean at the lower voltage before the amp and once amplified there is nothing between the Amp and the drivers for the cleanest signal.

Never have to access the crossover in the door or under the dash just access it in one convenient location to tweek your system.

You will need to purchase modules to provide specific crossover points that best suit your individual drivers these are about $10 each. No problem. I have spent a couple of grand in the entire set up so $20 bucks to provide the optimal crossover points is a steal. BUT it does come with what can be referred to as "default" modules and these are likley to work in a wife range of set ups. Simply use the frequency range of your drivers too determine the crossover points. Some component crossovers are limited to the amount of power you can ultimatley push to your components, but this way you can push the drivers to their typical ratings with ease( USE RMS ) To be safe not Peak power ratings.

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