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Kenwood KFC-1652s Kenwood KFC-1652s
6-1/2" 160W 2-Way Sport Series Shallow Mount Coaxial Speaker System
$19.99 Buy Now
Kenwood KFC-4675C On Sale Kenwood KFC-4675C
4"x6" 2-Way 60W Car Speakers
$38.00 Buy Now
Kenwood KFC-1654S Clearance Kenwood KFC-1654S
6-1/2" 2-Way Sport Series Coaxial Car Speakers
$23.00 Buy Now
Kenwood KFC-835C
Not Rated Yet
Kenwood KFC-835C
3-1/2" 2-Way 40W Car Speakers
$24.00 Buy Now
Kenwood KFC-1651S Kenwood KFC-1651S
6-1/2" 2-Way 160W Car Speakers
$25.00 Buy Now
Kenwood KFC-1665S
Not Rated Yet
Kenwood KFC-1665S
6-1/2" 300W 2-Way Sport Series Coaxial Speakers
$27.00 Buy Now
Kenwood KFC-X463C
Not Rated Yet
Kenwood KFC-X463C
 4" x 6" 100W 2-Way Car Speakers 
$47.00 Buy Now
Kenwood KFC-1354S Kenwood KFC-1354S
5.25" 280W 2-Way Sport Series Coaxial Car Audio Speakers 
$26.00 Buy Now
Kenwood KFC-1065S (KFC1065S)
Not Rated Yet
Kenwood KFC-1065S
4" 200W 2-way Coaxial Speakers
$29.99 Buy Now
Kenwood KFC-C1655S (KFC-C1655S)
Not Rated Yet
Kenwood KFC-C1655S
70W 6.5" Sport Series 2-Way Flush Mount Coaxial Speakers w/ Whizzer Tweeters
$19.00 Buy Now
Kenwood KFC-1365S (KFC1365S)
Not Rated Yet
Kenwood KFC-1365S
5-1/4" 250W 2-way Performance Series Coaxial Speakers
$29.99 Buy Now
Kenwood KFC-C6865S (KFC-C6865S)
Not Rated Yet
Kenwood KFC-C6865S
250W 6x8" Sport Series 2-Way Custom Fit Car Speakers
$39.00 Buy Now
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