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DJ & Pro Lighting

LED Projectors» LED Projectors

It wouldn’t be a party without any cool lighting effects and this is where LED Projectors come in. LED Projectors can project many different types of lighting effects and will definitely light up any party.

Cables & Clamps» Cables & Clamps

Build your DJ setup right with high quality cables & clamps for all your lights and decks. Don’t let your sound be bottlenecked with stock cables, upgrade and hear the difference!

Remotes & Controllers» Remotes & Controllers
Lasers» Lasers

Raise the bar with your sets by adding out-of-this-world effects! Bring that club experience to every party with our expert laser machines and accessories.

DMX Effect Lighting» DMX Effect Lighting

Keep the party moving with dazzling, motorized lights that never stop! Be in control of everything at once with DMX controllers and never miss a chance to make those massive drops even bigger.

Pinspots» Pinspots
Gear Bags & Accessories» Gear Bags & Accessories

Reduce wear and tear on that priceless equipment with the right travel bags and accessories.

Foggers & Hazers» Foggers & Hazers

Set the mood correctly by adding eerie fog and mind-bending strobes to your next set!

Backlights & Strobes» Backlights & Strobes
LED Drapes & Displays» LED Drapes & Displays
Followspots» Followspots

A followspot, sometimes known as a spot light, is a powerful stage lighting instrument which projects a bright beam of light onto a performance space. Followspots are most commonly used in concerts, musicals and large scale presentations where highlighting a specific, mobile, individual is critical.

Video Wall Panels» Video Wall Panels

Display walls of color and low resolution graphics with our Video Wall Panels. Combine multiple panels together to create an even larger image to blow your crowd away.

Stage Equipment Accessories» Stage Equipment Accessories

Whether it’s light stands or video drivers you’re looking for, we’ve got it all taken care of in our Stage Equipment and Accessories department.

Signal Processors & Distributors» Signal Processors & Distributors

Enhance your video and display it as it should be with our Signal Processors and get your video across all your panels with Signal Distributors.

Moving Yokes» Moving Yokes

Set the motion of the party with our Moving Yokes. Typically found as a single spot or multi LED, these Yokes will surely be the first and last thing moving at your next event.

Washlights» Washlights

Fill the room with light from our collection of Washlights. Available in white and mutli colored LED.

Scanners» Scanners

Moving mirror (Scanner) Lights are light fixtures in which the fixture itself doesn’t move. Instead, a mirror attached to a pivot moves the beam once the light hits it. If space and power is an issue, don’t let the party suffer in the dark. Pick up a scanner today!

Parcans» Parcans
Spotlights» Spotlights
Portable Wash & Spot Lights» Portable Wash & Spot Lights
All DJ & Pro Lighting» All DJ & Pro Lighting

Music is only half of the equation to a good party. Make up the other half with our huge collection of lights and accessories.