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SoundStorm EP64
Not Rated Yet
SoundStorm EP64
6-1/2" 300W 4-Ohm EP PRO Series High Quality Mid Bass Driver
$15.99 Buy Now
SoundStorm SP64
Not Rated Yet
SoundStorm SP64
6-1/2" 275W 4-Ohm High Quality Mid Bass Driver Woofer
$24.50 Buy Now
SoundStorm CP84
Not Rated Yet
SoundStorm CP84
8" 450W 4-Ohm High Quality Mid Bass Woofer
$27.50 Buy Now
SoundStorm CP64 SoundStorm CP64
6-1/2" 275W 8-Ohm High Quality Mid Bass Driver
$18.99 Buy Now
SoundStorm EP84
Not Rated Yet
SoundStorm EP84
8" 500W 4-Ohm High Quality Mid Bass Driver
$25.99 Buy Now

Midbass Drivers

Mid-bass drivers, also known as Mid-range Speakers or Midbasses, are car audio loudspeakers that re-produce mid to low audio frequencies typically around 80 Hz to 500 Hz. Mid-Bass speakers are used to build component-type systems where each car audio component, like tweeters, mids, and subwoofers are all chosen separately and are properly matched to produce the highest level of performance.

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