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Boss Audio B65N Boss Audio B65N
High Level to Low Level Converter with input sensitivity adjustment
$7.00 Buy Now
AudioControl LC2I AudioControl LC2I
Active 2-channel Line Output Converter
$67.45 Buy Now
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Axxess AX-ALOC608 Clearance Axxess AX-ALOC608
80W 2-Channel Differential Converter for Car Amplifier
$17.98 Buy Now
Axxess AX-ADCT2
Not Rated Yet
Axxess AX-ADCT2
2-Channel Adjustable Differential Converter with Amp Turn On
$11.99 Buy Now
Axxess AX-ALOC618
Not Rated Yet
Axxess AX-ALOC618
150W 2-Channel Adjustable Output Converter
$14.95 Buy Now
Axxess AX-ALOC10 Clearance
Not Rated Yet
Axxess AX-ALOC10
30W 2-Channel Economy Line Level Converter
$7.25 Buy Now
PowerBass ALC-2
Not Rated Yet
PowerBass ALC-2
2-Channel Line Output Converter
$28.95 Buy Now

Line Output Converters

Line Output Converters allows you to connect a receiver that has no pre-amp outputs to an amplifier without speaker level inputs. You typically run into situations like these when connecting an amplifier to a factory receiver.

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