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Ground Shaker SQP112Ground Shaker SQP112 
12" Single Slot Ported Box
$68.00 Add Ground Shaker SQP112 To Cart
Avg. Rating: 4.5 Star Rating
Ground Shaker KKP112Ground Shaker KKP112 
12" Single Ported Square Mount Box
$70.00 Add Ground Shaker KKP112 To Cart
Avg. Rating: 4 Star Rating
Ground Shaker GSP112Ground Shaker GSP112 
12" Single Pro Ported With G-S Port
$60.00 Add Ground Shaker GSP112 To Cart
Avg. Rating: 2.5 Star Rating
Ground Shaker XP112Ground Shaker XP112 
12" Single Pro Ported Box
$69.00 Add Ground Shaker XP112 To Cart
Avg. Rating: 3 Star Rating
Ground Shaker STP112Ground Shaker STP112 
12" Single Ported Truck Box
$89.00 Add Ground Shaker STP112 To Cart
Avg. Rating: Not Rated Yet
Single 12" Pre-cut Ported Car Subwoofer Enclosure
$99.00 Add EFX SEV12CC To Cart
Avg. Rating: Not Rated Yet
Ground Shaker BZK12Ground Shaker BZK12 
12" Single Ported Tube
$99.00 Add Ground Shaker BZK12 To Cart
Avg. Rating: 3.5 Star Rating
Bass Slammer BS112V-SQBass Slammer BS112V-SQ 
Single 12" Unloaded Vented Enclosure with Square Opening
$89.95 Add Bass Slammer BS112V-SQ To Cart
Avg. Rating: Not Rated Yet