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5/8 MDF


$50 - $100

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Ground Shaker BZK12 Ground Shaker BZK12
12" Single Ported Tube
$99.00 Buy Now
Ground Shaker KKP18
Not Rated Yet
Ground Shaker KKP18
8" Single Ported Square Mount Box
$55.00 Buy Now
Ground Shaker BZK10 Ground Shaker BZK10
10" Single Ported Tube
$89.00 Buy Now
Ground Shaker KKP28
Not Rated Yet
Ground Shaker KKP28
8" Dual Slot Ported Square Mount Box
$79.00 Buy Now
QPower QHD112V
Not Rated Yet
QPower QHD112V
Single 12" Vented Woofer Box
$60.00 Buy Now
QPower QHD112VL
Not Rated Yet
QPower QHD112VL
Single 12" Side Ported SPL Xtra Large Heavy Duty Empty Woofer Box
$78.00 Buy Now
QPower QHD112VSQ
Not Rated Yet
QPower QHD112VSQ
Empty Woofer Box Single 12" Square;Vented;MDF
$59.00 Buy Now
QPower QHD115V
Not Rated Yet
QPower QHD115V
Single 15" MDF Woofer Box, Vented
$65.00 Buy Now

Ported Subwoofer Boxes

Ported or Vented Subwoofer Boxes have holes cut into each subwoofer compartment that allows air to escape. These vents/ports cause your subs to produce a loose low bass response that can be described as more of a low rumble than a quick "thud". Ported/Vented sub boxes are popular among people who listen to of rap, hip-hop, or any other bass heavy musical style.

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