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Hifonics ZXi 6.5C Hifonics ZXi 6.5C
6-1/2" 2-Way Component Speakers System
$69.00 Buy Now
Hifonics HFI6.5C Hifonics HFI6.5C
6-1/2" 800W HF Series Component Set Speakers (HFI 6.5C)
$45.00 Buy Now
Hifonics ZRX6.5C
Not Rated Yet
Hifonics ZRX6.5C
6-1/2" 800W 2-Way Car Component Speaker Set 
$49.00 Buy Now
Hifonics ZRXLP6.5C Hifonics ZRXLP6.5C
6-1/2" 800W 2-Way ZEUS Series Shallow/Slim Mount Car Component Speaker Set 
$43.00 Buy Now
Hifonics ZRXLP65CX
Not Rated Yet
Hifonics ZRXLP65CX
6-1/2" 750W 2-Way ZEUS Series Shallow/Slim Mount Car Component Speaker Set 
$33.00 Buy Now
Hifonics C6.5C
Not Rated Yet
Hifonics C6.5C
6-1/2" 210W 2-way Brutus X-Series Component Speaker System
$79.00 Buy Now
Hifonics HS6.2C (HS62C)
Not Rated Yet
Hifonics HS6.2C
70W 6.5" Hercules Series Component System
$65.99 Buy Now

Component Speaker Systems

Usually, a set of components (or separates) includes a pair of tweeters, a pair of mid-bass drivers and a pair of crossovers to limit the frequency range each speaker must accurately reproduce. The mid-bass woofers supplied with a component car speaker setup are physically separated so the tweeter, which is very directional, can be placed in an optimal position, usually on the dash facing the listener, while the larger mid-bass driver can be placed where there is room, usually in the front dash or door panels.

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