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Lanzar MAXP104D Lanzar MAXP104D
10" 1200W Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer
$34.00 Buy Now
Lanzar MAX10D Clearance Lanzar MAX10D
10" 800W Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer
$37.00 Buy Now
Lanzar VCW10D Lanzar VCW10D
10" 500W Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer
$39.00 Buy Now
Lanzar OPTSW104
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar OPTSW104
OPTI SCION 10'' 800 Watt High Power Subwoofer
$45.00 Buy Now
Lanzar OPTSW10D
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar OPTSW10D
Opti Scion 10'' 800 Watt High Power Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer
$47.00 Buy Now
Lanzar DCT10D (DCT10D)
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar DCT10D
10" 1000W Dual 4-ohm High Powered Distinct Series Subwoofer
$59.00 Buy Now
Lanzar Vibe VW10D (VW10D)
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar Vibe VW10D
10" 1200W Dual 4-ohm Vibe Series Chrome Subwoofer
$33.00 Buy Now
Lanzar DCTOA10D
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar DCTOA10D
10'' High Power IB Open Free-Air 4 Ohm Subwoofer DVC (Single unit)
$45.00 Buy Now
Lanzar OPTI1032D (OPTI1032D)
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar OPTI1032D
10" 1300W Optidrive Series Dual 2-ohm Subwoofer
$169.99 Buy Now
Free Shipping
Lanzar DCT104D (DCT104D)
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar DCT104D
10" 1000W Dual 4-ohm Die Cast Aluminum Basket Distinct Series Subwoofer
$100.00 Buy Now
Free Shipping
Lanzar OPTI10MI
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar OPTI10MI
Opti Pro 1000 Watts 10'' High Power Midbass
$63.00 Buy Now
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Component Car Subwoofers

Component car subwoofers, typically sold individually, are the best solution for tailoring your car audio system's bass output to your exact tastes. While component subs offer the greatest level of freedom, they require you to do some homework in order to match your subs with a sub box or enclosure and an amplifier. Give us a call if you need help figuring out exactly what you need.

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