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Ground Shaker PBP212Ground Shaker PBP212 
12" Dual Pro Single Bandpass Box With 3/8" Plexiglass Window
$129.00 Add Ground Shaker PBP212 To Cart
Avg. Rating: 5 Star Rating
Ground Shaker BPR210Ground Shaker BPR210 
10" Dual Standard Bandpass Box With 1/4" Plexiglass Window
$109.00 Add Ground Shaker BPR210 To Cart
Avg. Rating: Not Rated Yet
Legacy LBPS12Legacy LBPS12 
Dual 12" 1200W Car Audio Bandpass Subwoofer Enclosure System with Neon Woofer Lights 
$138.00 Add Legacy LBPS12 To Cart
Avg. Rating: Not Rated Yet