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OEM Backup Camera Interfaces

OEM Backup Camera Interfaces -

See clearly behind you while going in reverse by using these factory backup camera interface add-ons to connect a rear-facing camera to your on-board screen.

Backup Camera Interfaces for Factory Systems

If you own a larger vehicle or have filled the hatchback for a long trip, going in reverse can be a nerve-wracking experience. Many modern vehicles come with an in-dash video screen for displaying audio controls, GPS navigation or videos — but not all of these auxiliary screens are camera-ready. Attaching an OEM backup camera interface allows you to connect a rear-view camera system to the factory receiver and screen. You’ll have a clear view of what’s behind you without craning to see over seats, passenger heads, luggage, aftermarket speakers and other obstacles that can hinder driving safety.

Easy Rear-View Camera Integration

Shop online or at our brick-and-mortar stores for backup camera adapters from Metra Electronics, Alpine, Axxess and other top brands. These interfaces fit a variety of cars, trucks and SUVs that people love to drive forward but hate to drive backward. You can install as simple or as complex a camera system as you need with the right interface. Standard backup camera integration modules accommodate a single camcorder mounted to the rear of the vehicle. With multi-camera adapters, you can also install cameras on the sides and front for safety and security reasons. By directly connecting to your vehicle sensors, the interface will activate the cameras whenever you start backing up or turning.

Reduce Stress as You Drive

Enjoy peace of mind and focus on the road knowing you can see more of it thanks to the OEM adapter. Many of these factory backup camera unlock interfaces also come with wiring harnesses, plugs and other accessories needed for the installation. You can purchase complete packages that include the camera itself, too. Open up the Vehicle Fit Guide and enter the year, make and model to see camera modules that are designed for what you drive. Become the most confident parallel parker around with high-quality products and lifetime tech support from