Blackmore Mobile Electronics, a division of Samson Electronics, is an award-winning manufacturer of innovative professional audio and video solutions. Our lineup includes DJ Pro Audio Speakers, Tablets, Headphones and accessories.

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Top Sellers From Blackmore
  • Blackmore BJW-2118PBTBlackmore BJW-2118PBTAmplified Integrated PA Loudspeaker with Bluetooth, MP3 Playback with Dual 15" Woofers$335.99
  • Blackmore BSL-SLBlackmore BSL-SLSnow liquid, 5L designed for use in snow machine. Non-toxic, non-flammable and 100% biodegradable. Snow flakes disappear within 40 seconds. ingrediants: distilled water, snionic surfactant$17.96
  • Blackmore BBL-5LBlackmore BBL-5LBubble liquid, 5l. Safe, non-toxic, odor free, bubble liquid aromatic scent , non-allergenic, water-based formula, no residue.$17.96
  • Blackmore BBM-10MBlackmore BBM-10MAutomatic bubble machine capable of filling a space of over 500 square feet. Easy to operate and maintain. 0.6L solution tank. a female connection for integration with controller modules.$49.91