Audiobahn ABC6002V

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6-1/2" 400W 2-Way Component Speaker System
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Big Skyler - Oregon (Go Ducks!!)
06/18/2007 02:03 PM

Fantastic Speakers! Everything is overbuilt on these 6.5 components. Out of the box, you first notice the huge mirror polished, chromed magnets on both the mids and tweeters. This Comp. system is such a bargain, all the materials are top notch. The woofers as well as the tweeters are very heavy for a 6.5 component set, a lot of companies use large magnets as a gimmick, but not Audiobahn! These babies can handle tons of power, and translate it beautifully into Thumping bass, rich realistic midbass, and smooth natural highs. I was skeptical at first because I thought they only made great amps and subs, but when I heard this component set I was in love. The only bad thing about these components is that they may be made too well. Niether the Tweets nor the Woofers had clearance problems,but the Alum. alloy basket is very thick compared to the stamped steel some other companies use. There are only four predrilled screw holes for the woofers which was enough for my Accord Coup but may need more for your application... not a biggy because even thick aluminum is nothing to a steel drill bit! This is a rare case where I got way more than I payed for! The silk tweeters are backed with an extremely heavy neodymium magnet and sound sweeter than some $150 dollar Polk tweeters that I purchased! If you get the chance to hear these in a sound room, you'll see what I mean. I have never heard components do so well with so many different gonres of music! Classic Rock, Jazz, R&b, Rap, and yes... even that Country @#*^[email protected]#!! These sound like 6.5 Components costing 4 times this price. Sample them, they will not disappoint!

Marco Jordan - Southern Illinois
06/17/2007 05:10 PM

Let me begin by saying, "These speakers are really beefy for a 6.5 inch component set." I grinned from ear to ear when I felt the weight of the box. I have had much more expensive Comps. in the past like Infinity Kappa Perf.,MB Qwarts, and Focals... and let me tell you; the sound these components produce is just as amazing! I will not bad mouth these other companies because they make some good products, but they cost so much more than these gems. Aesthetically, this picture does not do them justice. The basket is solid machined Aluminum, the surround is very thick and stiff butyle rubber, and the Mid. Woofer.... Strontium! Strontium magnets can take the place of much larger magnets because they are so powerful, but here they give you 20oz.s of the stuff! The surround and cone are so thick and stiff, you can tell you're in for some sweet tumes. After the install I was not disappointed at all; The mids were very pronounced, and the silk dome tweeters, which I have set at -3db. , clean and opulent sounding without a lick of harshness! These Mid. Woofs also surprised me with a healthy dose of bass up front, which is good because I hate an unbalanced system with bass pounding in the trunk and nothing but highs and tweeters ticking in the front. The tweeters are adjustable... I don't think they state that in the Descript. I don't know how they sound adjusted at 0dB because they sounded so heavenly lowered to -3dB that I left them there! I have these Running off of a 175x4 Crunch Amp. which is made by MB Qwarts... and is another insane value on this site. In the rear I have MA Audio 6X9s, they blend very well with The Bahn. Components in the front, and 2 Infin. 12s on a JBL Amp. My Car is a 99' Solara. I don't know how Audiobahn can put so much into these speakers at this price! Just buy them. Trust me, You'll be very, very pleased!

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