Cadence CS2.65K

Item #: 33485

 6.5" 240W 2-Way Momentum Series Component System 
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mana - hawaii
03/17/2014 01:16 AM


I brought 4 sets of these. Two for two different cars. These sound very clean and clear in the first car it was a 96' Honda accord with an old Kenwood deck. The sound is very crisp and tweeters compliment the woofers nicely. 

The second car was a 2005Mazda 3 with a newer pioneer DVD player. It sounded really good. Slightly better than the accord set. But that's understandable. Then I installed a cadence 4 channel amp and boy does it really shine. These are very clear, they lack on the midbass, but I don't really care seeing how I'm gonna install a subwoofer soon. 

Very nice build, looks really classy. And durable. The crossover is a simple smaller sized one so installation was easy. I would recommend these to beginner audio enthusiast. Both sets were installed in girls cars, I personally wouldn't run them in my car, but that's only because I'm a bass head, screaming highs kind of guy. I'd rather opt for the higher end lines. That or install all 4 sets into one car LOL. This was a great but for gifts. I'

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