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Distribution Blocks

Distribution Blocks

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  • Gauge In : 1AWG
  • Gauge Out : 4AWG
  • Number of Inputs : 2
  • Number of Outputs : 4

Car Audio Distribution Blocks – OnlineCarStereo.com

Send the right amount of power to every component of your car stereo setup by getting a car amp distribution block that will be your sound wiring center.

Distribution Blocks for Car Stereos

Owning a high-end component car speaker system also means there’s a lot of components that need power. Sometimes, direct wiring these devices to each other or the battery terminal can result in them getting too much or not enough power. A car audio power distribution block will handle this power delivery to ensure your system has peak performance.

Setting up a stereo junction block gives your audio wiring a central station that provides several advantages. They direct the correct amount of power to every connected device, including amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and capacitors. Having this power dispersion point cleans up installation as well by reducing the number of wires and setup hours. Simplify and safeguard your system with the best car audio wiring block from OnlineCarStereo.com.

Power All Your Devices

We are an authorized dealer of the top brands for car audio distribution blocks, including Rockford Fosgate, Pyramid, JL Audio and Kicker. You can get fused or non-fused boxes depending on your needs. The fused distribution block protects car audio accessories from power surges that can render them useless hunks of metal and plastic. Non-fused boxes are better for setting up ground wires and cables. Our 4-8 AWG gauge power blocks will run most systems while a 1/0 gauge distribution block handles the most powerful aftermarket stereos.

Audiophiles also have several input/output options. Most audio distribution blocks have a single input for the main power source, but with a two-input block, you can daisy-chain a second amplifier or junction block. Outputs are simple: the more components to send power to, the more outputs you’ll need. If that all sounds Greek to you, don’t worry: our car audio professionals are available by phone, email or live chat to walk you through what you need. OnlineCarStereo.com helps everyone upgrade their vehicle audio with great brands at great prices plus free lifetime tech support.