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Turn yourself into a better disc jockey with the help of the best digital DJ controllers that let you adjust volume, effects, mix and more from a single unit.

DJ Controller Decks

Being a good DJ is all about taking the sounds you’ve imagined in your head and turning them into something others can hear, too. To do that, you’ll need premium equipment you can set up easily. DJ controllers from are a complete portable solution that lets you perform anywhere. These professional media controllers are more than just a mixer — they’re a one-stop control suite that does all the classic DJ tricks while providing the tools to come up with new creations. Add an audio source to your DJ controller and you’ll have everything you need to bring the house down.

Full Control of Your Performance

As an authorized dealer of leading pro audio brands such as Gemini, we have the newest DJ controller units at great prices. A standard media controller has essentials such as MIDI waveforms, active looping, hot cues, pitch faders and full track information displayed on a full-color LCD screen. Use the jog pad disc for switching modes or as a digital turntable that scratches up a storm. Add a CD or USB thumb drive to play music directly through the controller using your favorite software.

More advanced models expand the possibilities for any disc jockey. The MDJ 1000 has a linking mode that lets you play the same music library on up to four controllers. With some source units, you can connect your smartphone or tablet and play audio directly from them using the same effects as the tracks you’ve loaded onto the main device.

DJ Equipment That Delivers

Steal the show with superior effects processing, mixing and playback from a DJ controller. Using this equipment saves space and setup time while opening the gateway to a better musical experience. You’ll save money as well with our low price guarantee and free shipping. Call our email our customer support team for expert service on every sale plus lifetime technical support.