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DJ Mixers

DJ Mixers

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Professional DJ Mixing Boards – OnlineCarStereo.com

Find the perfect audio balance for every performance or recording session by using a DJ mixing station with the tools you need. Shipping is free on every order.

DJ Mixer Boards

Get the best audio mixer from OnlineCarStereo.com and make every show sound exactly the way you want it to. Pro DJs work with a lot of audio sources in any given show. These sources often have different audio properties. A DJ mixer stand is a centralized station where you can get the levels and effects just right on several channels at once. Use a high-quality DJ mixing board to make complicated tasks simple and bring the music night after night. You can also use them for recording sessions, full bands and theater productions so any performance sounds the way you want it to.

Balance Everything In & Out

Nothing sucks the air out of a show like a 50-decibel drop from song to song. That’s why OnlineCarStereo.com carries a fine selection of DJ mixers. Stop lugging hundreds of pounds of DJ equipment around and use these mixing stations with your PC, tablet, smartphone and many other devices. We have pro audio mixers from leading brands such as Gemini, Blackmore and Pyle Pro. They include multiple line level and phono connections for RCA, 1/8-inch headphones, USB flash drives, XLR cables and other common plugs. Go wireless with a Bluetooth mixing board or order one with a color display screen that has all your song data, loops and cues in one place.

Professional Audio Controls & Tools

You won’t believe what you can do with your music when you have the right mixer. Advanced models have special software for song analysis, syncing and database creation to automatically create a better balance. Other features can include microphone talk-over control, switchable inputs, independent channels and cross-fading. You just have to provide the songs and a DJ mixing station will help you do the rest. We have a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases with lifetime tech support from audio experts. Find out why we’ve been an audio/stereo leader since 1999.