Pro Audio Subwoofers

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Feel the low end thumping through your veins on every song by using professional audio subwoofers for DJ shows, music festivals, dance parties and more.

Professional DJ Subwoofers

Everyone knows that a song without good bass usually leaves you feeling a little empty. (Unless maybe you’re the second coming of Prince.) Get those low notes pounding with a pro audio raw subwoofer from We have a growing collection of professional-quality subwoofers that are designed for low sound frequencies and will lay the foundation for a great show. These woofers are used by bands, solo acoustic musicians, pro DJs, recording studios, public speakers and much more to bring balanced power to any event. Add them to speaker cabinets or PA cabinets to get your audience’s veins pumping and chests rattling for hours on end.

Powerful Low-End Audio

Upgrade your live sound with professional audio subwoofers from leading brands that emit the truest bass you’ve ever heard. These woofers come in many speaker sizes, wattages and impedances to complement your pro speakers. Basic 100-watt subwoofers such as the Pyle Pro Midrange Driver provide solid home performance to bring out the low notes for your home theater or practice bass amp. If you need a premium 700-watt subwoofer that will fill up a club or small auditorium with sound, we have those, too. Each of them packs commercial-grade drivers, magnets, voice coils, baskets and other components that can handle the mightiest of audio sources.

Complete Your Cabinets in Style

Get a replacement studio subwoofer for your blown components or build a new cabinet from scratch with the best subwoofer solutions. Pro subwoofers are engineered to high standards that produce the clear sound and visceral impact that you’re been listening for in low-frequency effects. Your bass needs a good base, and will help you set the groundwork. We offer free shipping for every order on top of our competitive prices — and 95% of orders ship within one business day! Shop online or in-store with no surprises at checkout once you’ve found the perfect DJ subwoofers.