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Directed Electronics is the largest designer and marketer in North America of consumer-branded vehicle security and remote start systems. Directed Electronics is also a supplier of mobile audio products sold principally under the Orion brand name. We are proud to carry Directed Electronics brands such as PPI (Precision Power), Orion, Viper and Python. We carry amplifiers, multimedia, video packages and accessories such as power inventers and various adaptors.

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Top Sellers From Directed
  • Directed CTP504Directed CTP504Factory Alarm Connection and System Security Theft Protection with Shock Sensor$79.95
  • Directed DB3Directed DB3Data bus ALL Interface Module with Multibus and Advanced OBD2 Connectivity for SmartStart$40.56
  • Directed DBALL2Directed DBALL2XpressKit DBALL2 Databus All Combo Bypass Module$29.99
  • Directed DSM350Directed DSM350DIRECTED SMARTSTART MODULE WITH GPS made by Directed Electronics (Viper)$179.20
  • Directed 515RDirected 515RSiren with Backup Battery$25.75
  • Directed 524TDirected 524TStandard 2-Wire Power Door Lock Motor$14.95