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Televisions» Televisions

Televisions are probably everyone's favorite electronic device. There are many new TV's to choose from, LCD, Plasma, DLP, 3D, to Projector and each in many different sizes from the small 17' to as big as 60'.

Video Projectors» Video Projectors

Used for either a home theatre, business, or classrooms that can provide a large surface to project video. Features can include up to 1080p HD output and exceptional display quality.

Projector Screens» Projector Screens

Different sized screens to used for video projectors.

DVD Players» DVD Players

DVD Players have come a long way and features new technology such as 1080p Upscaling, multi-video/audio format playback as well as multiple input and output connections.

All In One Home Theater Systems» All In One Home Theater Systems

All in One Home Theater Systems or Home Theater in a box is an all in one solution that includes all necessary hardware for a complete home theater.

Home Theater Speakers» Home Theater Speakers
Speakers for your home theater setup. These Home Theater Speakers come in many different sizes and power.
Home Theater Subwoofers» Home Theater Subwoofers

Subwoofers are a great addition to a home theater setup and can increase immersion in movies.

Speaker Stands & Brackets » Speaker Stands & Brackets

Don’t settle and leave your speakers on just any surface or worse on the floor. Speaker stands and brackets offer great stability and enables you to place your speakers in configurations that provide overall better sound quality.

Home Theater Receivers» Home Theater Receivers

Also referred to as an AV or  Surround Sound receiver is the heart of a home theater system and provides most, if not all the inputs and outputs that let you connect everything from TV’s, speakers, DVD Players and other audio/video devices. An AV receiver provides an easy and cost-effective way of centralizing your home theater system.

Home Theater Amplifiers» Home Theater Amplifiers
All-Weather Speakers» All-Weather Speakers

Designed for the outdoors, these speakers are meant to be installed in many types of locations and provide quality and long lasting durability against all types of weather.

Digital Photo Frames» Digital Photo Frames
Digital photo frames are becoming the norm as technology becomes more advanced and digital cameras take over for yesterday's analog and disposable cameras. It's easy to replace the traditional picture frames in your home. Frame sizes range from 3' and up to 32' which can be hanged on a wall or placed on tables and desks.
Clock Radios» Clock Radios
Clock radios are a simple and useful solution for getting out of bed and listening to your favorite tunes. Most clock radios feature an AM/FM tuner which allow you to listen to your favorite radio stations as a standard feature. Some more advanced models include CD Drives and auxilliary input ports which allow you to play music from an iPod or other MP3 player.
iPod Docking Stations» iPod Docking Stations
Docking station compatible with the iPod. There are different types of docking stations available from speaker docks to computer keyboards that have a docking input for the iPod, and most charge the battery at the same time.
Battery Backup & UPS Systems» Battery Backup & UPS Systems
A backup system that keeps a device that is plugged into it running for a certain amount of time when an electrical outage has occurred so that the device can be safely shut down properly.
TV Wall Mounts» TV Wall Mounts
Flat screen displays and televisions that are to be mounted on a wall need a specific wall mount that will hold the TV's weight. We offer many different types of wall mount including fixed mounts, mounts that swivel or pan from side to side, mounts with telescoping necks, and many more.
Docks and Cradles» Docks and Cradles

Most portable video or audio devices are able to use docks and cradles which provide usability or feature extensions.

Surge Protectors» Surge Protectors
Surge Protectors are designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes that could otherwise harm the device.
Home Audio Wires, Connectors and Switches» Home Audio Wires, Connectors and Switches

Home entertainment systems cannot function without proper cables and wires.

All Home Entertainment Electronics» All Home Entertainment Electronics
Build a home entertainment experience tailored to your tastes with our home electronic components or systems that let you enjoy video and or audio. Choose an all-in-one systems that provide everything needed for a complete entertainment setup or you can select individual for more customization including all the accessories you might need, such as; surge protectors, battery backups, & UPS systems that protect your main home entertainment from damage.