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Car Audio, Video RCA & Interconnects

Audio Interconnects» Audio Interconnects

RCA Adapters and Connectors can solve a host of installation issues, if you need a barrel connector to extend an RCA cable or a right angle adapter to make a tight connection, well have the solution for you.

Video Interconnects» Video Interconnects

Also known as RCA cables, Video Interconnects enable you to connect video applications such as overhead & headrest monitors, backup cameras, and other video equipment to your in-dash receiver or other source unit.

Interconnect Adapters» Interconnect Adapters

Interconnect adapters have many uses and can help remove a lot of the frustration from your installation process. Typically they convert wire connectors to a completely different type ofconnector, like from male to female and visa versa or from a standard RCA connector to a 3.5mm mini-jack connector. Some interconnect adapters will also convert plug terminals down from 2 to 1 connection which works well for connecting a 4 speakers to a 2 channel amplifier. 

Interconnect (RCA) Couplers» Interconnect (RCA) Couplers

Interconnect couplers are female/female couplers that enable you to patch or "couple" multiple cables of the same type together. This can be very useful if you need to extend the length of an interconnect wire.

Mini Jack Cables» Mini Jack Cables

Mini-jack cables are 3.5mm plugs which are also refered to as headphone plugs. They're typically the simplest solution for connecting portable audio devices to a compatible car stereo.

All Car Audio, Video RCA & Interconnects» All Car Audio, Video RCA & Interconnects

RCAs and interconnect wires are necessary for just bout any car audio system installation. Browse through our entire selection and make sure you've got you need to complete the job.