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Car Audio Installation Accessories

Car Audio installation accessories include all the odds-and-end that are either recommended or required when upgrading or replacing your factory installed car audio equipment. We've got harnesses, adapters and everything in-between to help you get the job done and your system sounding great.
Most vehicles are built with their own wiring harness specifically connecting their OEM hardware such as an In-Dash receiver. Replacing vehicle OEM receiver usually requires an additional wiring harness to properly install an aftermarket receiver.
Increase the quality of your sound system and keep it inside your vehicle, and protect your components from heat with our wide array of sound damping (sound dampening) products and accessories... Gasket Sound Damping Spray, hood liners, to damping tapes and much more.
Car Stereo and Car Video installation tools and accessories to make your installation fast and easy.
Speaker adapter plates, wire adapters, signal cable adapters, and more are Speaker Adapter accessories. If you're looking for replacement speaker adapter parts or add on accessories which are mostly universal as well as speaker brand specific.
To prevent or lessen back waves from speakers, it's often wise to use speaker baffles. These come in many sizes to fit different types of speakers and protect them from water, reduce panel vibration, and they greatly enhance the sound and performance of your speakers.
Your vehicle antenna might not be working to its full potential or maybe you'd like to enhance it to receive HD channels or you simply need to replace a busted or under-performing factory installed antenna. We carry a wide array of vehicle antennas so you'll definitely be able to find an antenna that fits your needs.
Unfortunately, car manufactures rarely use standard or universal parts in their vehicles. This is also true with your car audio system. If you've found yourself in a situation where you need to replace your stock car antenna with an aftermarket model, you may need to pick up an adapter to get it to fit.
Speaker spacers are intended as depth extenders for factory speakers as well as aftermarket speakers. They come in many different sizes and configurations to exactly fit your vehicle.
Series of lessons that covers the basic installation skills necessary to install most of the mobile electronics equipment on the market today to full trunk customizations. Through the instruction and examples by Jason Anderson you will be given a step by step tutorial to help refine your skills as a beginning or advanced installer.

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