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Car Subwoofers

Component Car Subwoofers» Component Car Subwoofers
Component car subwoofers, typically sold individually, are the best solution for tailoring your car audio system's bass output to your exact tastes. While component subs offer the greatest level of freedom, they require you to do some homework in order to match your subs with a sub box or enclosure and an amplifier. Give us a call if you need help figuring out exactly what you need.
Car Subwoofer Grilles» Car Subwoofer Grilles

Customize the look of your component car subwoofers with subwoofer grilles. They'll improve the performance of your subs and protect them from the elements while making them visually appealing.

Subwoofer Re-cone Kits» Subwoofer Re-cone Kits

Keep your subs beating into the next milleniumn. Simply drop in a new re-cone kit and it'll be as good as new.

Powered Subwoofers» Powered Subwoofers
Powered Subwoofers take the convenience of an enclosed car subwoofer a step further by packaging and/or mounting an amplifier with an enclosure and subwoofers that are tuned, tested, and certified to provide the correct level of power and performance for all the included components. Powered subwoofers are truly the most user-friendly plug-and-play solution available for adding subwoofers to a car audio system.
Enclosed Car Subwoofers» Enclosed Car Subwoofers
An enclosure is typically required for a component subwoofer to work properly and different enclosure designs and sizes can produce very different results. Enclosed subs take all the guess-work out of finding an enclosure that is tuned to work with your subs by packaging and/or mounting subs inside an enclosure that has been tested is certified to provide the best turning and performance for the included subs.
Bass Tubes» Bass Tubes
Bass tubes are a variation of enclosed subwoofers made popular by SAS Bazooka. These space saving universal subwoofers enclosures are molded into a tube-like shape and loaded with a custom subwoofer in one end. Most bass tubes are ported and some variations include a built-in amplifier.
Bass Packages» Bass Packages
Looking for an all in one bass solution to upgrade your car stereo system? You don't have to search very far, we offer a nice selection of all in one custom bass packages that can include subs, amplifiers, sub boxes, and crossovers.
Marine Boat Audio Subwoofers» Marine Boat Audio Subwoofers
Your marine stereo system is a bit lacking? Why not add in a marine subwoofer to give it that extra kick. Whether you choose a standard component subwoofer or an enclosed subwoofer tube, our speedy service will have you rocking the boat in no time. Like all marine certified products, Marine subwoofers are salt and fog certified to stand up to a harsh marine or off-roading environments.
All Car Subwoofers» All Car Subwoofers

Feeling like your car stereo system is a bit lacking? Consider adding a Subwoofer to give it that extra kick. Subwoofers are dedicated to the reproduction of low-pitched audio frequencies, or "bass" that gives your music the extra kick it needs to feel more substantial.