Dual Electronics Corporation is an international company based in Florida with distribution centers across the USA. Dual is committed to producing affordable high-quality home, car audio/stereo and mobile video products with lots of features and expandability options. Many Dual products include premium connectivity options like: iPod connectivity, built-in satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and GPS navigation right out of the box.

Authorized Dealer
OnlineCarStereo.com is a proud authorized dealer of Dual.
Visit the Dual website: http://www.dualav.com/

Top Sellers From Dual
  • Dual DV637MBDual DV637MB200 Watts Peak Power, 2-DIN, DVD Receiver with Built-In Bluetooth® and 2-Way DualMirror$200.00
  • Dual MGH25BTDual MGH25BT240 Watts Peak Power Marine Digital Media Receiver with Bluetooth, Control for iPod/iPhone and Pandora$139.99
  • Dual MGH30BTDual MGH30BTMarine Digital Media Plug Radio Receiver with 240 Watts Peak Power, 3" LCD Display and Bluetooth$140.67
  • Dual DV527BTDual DV527BT7" 200 Watts Peak Power, 2 DIN, DVD Receiver with Built-In Bluetooth$149.99
  • Dual MEQ15BT (827204110324)Dual MEQ15BT (827204110324)Wireless (Bluetooth®) Smart EQ Processor$121.99
  • Dual XRM46BTDual XRM46BTMechless Digital Receiver with Bluetooth®$43.49
  • Dual DV695MBDual DV695MB6.2" DVD Receiver with Built-In Bluetooth® & 2-Way DualMirror™ Technology $265.99
  • Dual DV735MBDual DV735MB7" Touchscreen DVD Receiver with Built-In Bluetooth and 2-Way DualMirror$174.95
  • Dual DV635MBDual DV635MB6.2" Touchscreen DVD Receiver with Built-In Bluetooth and 2-Way DualMirror$169.99
  • Dual DC206BTDual DC206BTCD Receiver with Bluetooth, 0-Character black and blue LCD with front panel USB and 3.5mm inputs and 7 EQ preset curves$59.95
  • Dual DLS694Dual DLS694DLS Series 6"x9" Quadaxial 4-Way Car Audio Speaker Pair 200Watts Peak Power$36.99
  • Dual DLS524Dual DLS5245.25" Quadaxial 4-Way Car Audio Speakers 120Watts Peak Power$19.99