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Massive Audio

As Mobile Electronics continues to evolve and seamless integration with today's vehicles becomes more critical, Massive Audio will remain on the cutting edge. In today's car audio industry, aftermarket products need to excel not only in their ability to reproduce the dynamics of music accurately, but also their ability to integrate within the confines of the modern automobile. In anticipation of such needs, Massive Audio has introduced an array of outstanding products designed for the enthusiast who will accept no compromise, yet recognizes true value.</p> <p>Our products are the result of years of experience in engineering, manufacturing and an acute understanding of what you, our customers, expect from you MASSIVE AUDIO EXPERIENCE!

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Top Sellers From Massive Audio
  • Massive Audio BP6000.1Massive Audio BP6000.16000 Watts Peak Power Full Range Class D Monoblock 2-Ohm Car Amplifier$342.99
  • Massive Audio BP1000.2Massive Audio BP1000.21000 Watts Max Power BLADE BP Series Class-A/B 2-Channel 2 ohm Stable Car Amplifier$149.99
  • Massive Audio FX4Massive Audio FX44" 200 Watts Max Power FX Series Coaxial Car Speakers$69.99
  • Massive Audio BP8000.1Massive Audio BP8000.18000 Watts Max Power BP Blade Series Mono Subwoofer Bass Amplifier$595.99
  • Massive Audio BP1000.1Massive Audio BP1000.1BP Series 1000 Watts Max Power, Mono Car Amplifier (Replaced B1000.1 / B 1000.1)$100.50
  • Massive Audio BP1000.4Massive Audio BP1000.4BP Series 1000 Watts Max Power, 4 Channel, Class A/B Car Amplifier (Replaced B1000.4 / B 1000.4)$100.50
  • Massive Audio E4Massive Audio E4EDGE Series 2.1" x 5.9" x 14.3", 4000 Watts Power Mono Amplifier, with Auto Turn On and OEM Line Coverter. New N4 Replacement.$339.70
  • Massive Audio E3Massive Audio E3EDGE Series 2.1" x 5.9" x 11.1", 2800 Watts Mono Amplifier with ATO (Auto Turn On) and OEM Line Converter. New N3 Replacement.$222.50
  • Massive Audio EX2Massive Audio EX2EGDE Series 2.1 x 5.9 x 7.3 inches, 480 Watts Power, 2 Channel Car Amplifier with ATO (Auto Turn On) and OEM Line Coverter$124.25
  • Massive Audio GTX 104Massive Audio GTX 104GTX Series 10 inch, 1400 Watts Power with Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer$95.74
  • Massive Audio SUMMO 64Massive Audio SUMMO 64SUMMO Series 6 inch 300 Watts Power with 4 Ohm Subwoofer$74.25
  • Massive Audio HIPPO 84Massive Audio HIPPO 84HIPPO Series 8 inch 1000 Watts Power with Dual 4 Ohm High Power Subwoofer$110.99