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A-Pass Touch Keyless Entry

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Ever Lock your Keys Inside?

It happens more often that you might think. Traditionally, it happened when you got out of the car - locking your vehicle and shutting the door all the while forgetting to take the keys with you. 

However, there are more ways than one to lock your keys inside. Most aftermarket car security systems or even some factory based systems have "passive arming" which will automatically rearm and lock your car after a period of time. Sometimes, your pet or child could "accidently" lock the car while playing with the keys or door locks inside the car. 

Traditionally, you would either call your friend, spouse or family to bring a spare key (assuming they are available and nearby). The other option would be to call a tow truck and have them unlock it "manually" making all kinds of holes and scratches on your car and window. Not to mention another $60 ~ $80 for their services. 

A-Pass is a simple add-on module that will sit behind the front windshield of your car. You can assign your own 4-10 digit PIN CODE which you can change at any time. In the event that you lock the keys inside, you can simply "touch" your PIN code on the module from outside your front windshield. Once the last digit is accepted, you will hear two chirps from the the siren and the door will unlock automatically. 

1. Unlock the vehicle if keys are locked inside accidently. This happens occasionally, and often at the worst time and place(such as at a rest stop on a highway at 2am during winter with a Blizzard coming on.) Even if you can get a tow truck to come and unlock the car, you need to pay $60~$80 for the service and have the possobility of getting scratches (on the window) and holes (on the door moulding).

2. Lock up the keys on purpose prior to doing physical activity-such as swimming, hiking, running, jogging, or even before going slubbing to dance. Unlock the car by using the A-PASS TOUCH afterwards. 

3. If the battery ever dies on your remote, you can still use the A-PASS TOUCH to ARM and DISARM the alarm system without having to worry about triggering it. 

4. If you alarm gets triggered and you don't have access to your keys or remote, you can still disarm the alarm by entering your PIN code on the A-PASS TOUCH. 

5. If someone borrowed your car, he/she can return the car and hide the keys INSIDE the car and lock /arm the system using the A-PASS TOUCH. You can come back to your car at anytime anytime and get access to your car without having to make plans to meet the person to get the keys. 

6. If you are away and someone needs access to get into your car (for example if you left some important documents in the car), than you can let the person know of your PIN code and unlock the door. 

7. If you have mulitiple drivers to one vehicle (such as the family minivan), you can still disarm /arm the alarm using the A-PASS TOUCH without having to purchase multiple remotes. 

8. Best of all, get PEACE OF MIND with the A-PASS TOUCH!
  • Easy Installation
  • Works inside the vehicle through the windshield
  • Intelligent Software (Rainy, Snow, Hot, Cold weather)
  • Scanner function(Blue color LED)
  • Simple install inside the window
  • Pin code(4-10 digits)
  • Simple to change the Pin code
  • Slim and compact size

Simply Touch Through the Glass

A-PASS TOUCH is simply touch the glass over the windshield glass digital keyless entry keypad. It is the best for Hiking, jogging, swimming, fishing, and outdoor activities because you won't have to worry about losing or dropping your keys.
  • Weight: 2
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*Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer warranty.
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