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MB Quart PVI 216 Item# 19799
6-1/2" 2-Way Component Speaker System
MB Quart :: PVI 216 :: $169.00
MSRP: $549.00
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Condition: Brand New Avg Rating: 3.5 Star Rating
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Customer Reviews

Average Rating
Overall: 3.5 Star Rating
Features: 4 Star Rating
Value: 4 Star Rating
Quality: 3.5 Star Rating
Chad Nelson From Beaverton, OR
Overall: 2.5 Star Rating
Features: 4.5 Star Rating
Value: 2.5 Star Rating
Quality: 2.5 Star Rating

I think these are great sounding speakers but for one issue I'll talk about later.  They are quite bright - I have the tweeters set to -5dB.  With the tweeters mellowed they sound great.  But over time I developed a problem. 

I originally thought is was the factory amplifier going bad and creating distortion problems in my right front speaker.  It usually sounded great in the morning but the longer I would drive the car, distortion would get steadily worse.  After I replaced the factory amp in my 2008 Accord Coupe the issue was still there.  After checking out the speaker I found out the center cone piece (removable to make it a coax speaker) was rubbing against the side of the cone and creating some nasty distortion.  I tried removing it and getting it back in place.  But after more time it, and the driver side speaker, both started having the same issue.  So I completely removed the piece that goes in the center of the speaker, but it doesn't sound quite right at higher volumes.  I recommend getting a component speaker that does NOT have the option to convert it to a coax speaker - a true solid woofer with no hole in the middle.

I plan on replacing the woofers with something similar but keeping the tweeters.

Ben Compton From Lexington, KY
Overall: 5 Star Rating
Features: 5 Star Rating
Value: 5 Star Rating
Quality: 5 Star Rating
First off this is not my first rodeo. I have been in the car audio game for 20+ years. I have owned JL Audio XR 3 way components; Old school MB Quart reference and Q series components, Xtant, you name it is been either installed in one of mine or my colleagues vehicles. These components were a revelation. I was very skeptical about Maxxsonics MB Quart. Well not any longer. My side by side comparison isn't exactly fair; but is typical at this price point. I have a 2000 silverado extended cab in which I had installed an old school alpine 3527 to drive the highs, a jl audio j2 500 watt monoblock driving 2 JL Audio 12W6v1 old school subs and an alpine CDA-9885. Well I had Boston S65's along with the factory tweets so that's 2 tweets per side and a midbass. Got these because one of my Boston's bit the dust after 8 months... Funny because I never clip my amp and 25Wx4 isn't outside the specs. Guess 25Wx4 used to mean something. Long story short the previous combo sounds like it is under water in a side by side comparison. Yes the tweets are a little bright, but hey they have a level control on the crossover and you do have treble controls right? I was able to use the eq properly for the first time on my Alpine. Got the treble at 15k on +2; not +5. The bass used to be 200HZ with a Q2 setting at -2 to make up for the Boston's shortcomings. Now it is at 80HZ (my crossover points) at +2. OMG no more gaps! It's so seamless. Buy these!!! Even at full retail they are a deal. I think I would compare the quality of manufacture, sound, and components to that of the JL Audio XR line. Believe me that is a compliment. Although I think the mids on these don't sound nearly as forced as the JL. I may never leave my truck again. :D
tom p From bakersfield ca
Overall: 1.5 Star Rating
Features: 1 Star Rating
Value: 1.5 Star Rating
Quality: 1 Star Rating
tweeter is way too bright no matter where it is mounted midbass is very weak blew them up without distorting them at all at high volume of course,would not recommend these
Mike O From Portland, OR
Overall: 5 Star Rating
Features: 5 Star Rating
Value: 5 Star Rating
Quality: 5 Star Rating
I've had these in my Mercedes for almost 2 months now. They are great replacements for the Bose factory speakers. I only have a set in the doors of my CLK and I'm thinking of buying another set to put in the speaker locations on the rear deck. These speakers have a nice heavy feel to them and are very solid. They can be use as coaxial or as separates. They are installed as separates but when/if I buy another set for the rear they will be in coaxial mode. In coaxial mode a hollow tweeter post replaces the center cone, the wires go through the center of the speaker cone and connect to the back of the speaker itself. There was a lot of thought put into this configuration and it's really designed so it's as easy as possible to configure this way. The engineering that's build into these speakers is amazing. There no need for wire crimps or connectors since they use a screw and plate to connect a bare speaker wire to them. The tweeter is truly amazing! most tweeters are directional so if your not in the right position you don't get the sound your looking for these however will fill up you car with highs. In my application I had to turn them down a bit at the crossover. The crossover is heavy and strong, the internal components are big and it feels over built for what it does. The only plastic on it is the clear window so you can show off the internals if you want, the base is made of a thick aluminum for heat dissipation. I also have the PWH 304 12" sub in an enclosed box in the trunk powered by the Kenwood XR-1s. The Fronts are powered by the Kenwood XR-4s. The sound quality of this combination is really nice, I'm able to hear great separation with the fronts and can get some serious bass out of the sub. For me this fits well with the type of music I listen to. I spent almost 3 months listening to different speakers at different stores and to me these sounded the best without breaking the bank. My head unit is the Kenwood DNX8120 (which I don't like all that much).
Dustin From Sacramento, Ca
Overall: 4 Star Rating
Features: 3.5 Star Rating
Value: 5 Star Rating
Quality: 4 Star Rating
Other than that usless review from "danny" or who ever it was, I did my best to find the end of the internet to find a review for these speakers, and was only able to find 1 review on i was about to do some research on a diffrent pair of Quarts, I stmbled upon that said one review and it was great, so i said screw it, ill buy them, and im glad I did. They sound great, and they have a good quality feel to them. I have these powerd by a Alpine PDX 4.100, Audio Control EQS eq, and Pioneer AVIC-F900BT. So with all this, the speakers are alive. I had a friend get in the truck while i was outside of it, cranked it up, was never distorted, and once i put my head in the truck I was suprised how loud it was (hence the clean sound). I find that when I'm in the truck with it cranked up, i dont notice how loud it is since its so clear, I almost have to yell to talk, and my ears are ringing once i get out. Im not educated enough to talk about hz or other random audio talk, I just know these sound great, and thats what I was going for. I allready had an upgraded sound system (stock) in my truck, and I didnt NEED to upgrade them, but I wanted to finish it off and I didnt know how much I was missing. If your on the fence about the Quarts because yes, they did get bought out my Maxx Sonic or what ever, know these do still sound great. I will say, Ive heard other sets of componets in a sound room where when the tweeters hit, I would automaticly blink my eyes from them being so powerfull, I dont have uncontrolable blinking from these, which is ok with me, but I have also yet to fully tweak the EQ. But when i put in a Cd from a band like 10 Years, or Framing Hanley, I can hear every instrument come alive, and Rap even sounds good, (Kanye West, Lil Wayne cd's just purchased). Hope this helped atleast a little.
danny s. bilang From imus, phillipines
Overall: 5 Star Rating
Features: 5 Star Rating
Value: 5 Star Rating
Quality: 5 Star Rating
item are not tested yet,but this model are surely excellent to experience. only this time im planning to have this kind of upgraded quality speaker.
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