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Massive Audio NX5

Item #: 29644

960W 5-Channel Nano Block Series Full  Range A/B Car Audio Amplifier
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Product Reviews For Massive Audio NX5
TruthTalker - Vancouver BC
05/25/2014 10:02 PM


I had one of these amps for a few hours, unfortunately the car got stolen a few hours after i installed it and i'm now relieved of all my brand new equipment, but i have to say it sounded BEYOND AMAZING.  I'm usually brand loyal, and every Massive amp i've ever had delivered, plain and simple.  I was a tiny bit reluctant to buy a single amplifier for an entire system, but wow was i ever wrong to doubt.  The mids and highs were so precise and crisp, and the bass was extremely tight and responsive and accurate.  The mids and highs were all Clif Designs(leftover sets i've had for years, but brand new....2 sets of them) and the subs were very old Dr. Crankenstein subwoofers which actually sounded amazing with this amp, but they were strictly temporary until i got new Massive Kilo 12's(which i know for fact just absolutely blow the doors off of any vehicle you put them in).  I just wish i had the time to enjoy my favorite music in the car and not just leftover old cd's from a case i had sitting in the garage, but oh well....i have all new equipment coming now and this amp is once again part of it.  This amp seemed to produce power with absolutely no effort.  I kept turning the volume up louder and it stayed clean and no distortion whatsoever the entire range to max volume(gains were set right....less than half). I highly recommend this amp, it has now replaced what i used to use two amps for.  Clarity, power, reliability, and VALUE.  As the other review stated, you will not regret it.  The entire Massive brand, mid grade and up, is a win. 

dave conte - hollywood, fl
01/30/2012 09:26 PM


this was my first experience with massive amps, and i have to say i'm very impressed! i am running a pioneer bt3300 head unit with rockford t-265's in all 4 doors and a jl 10 inch sub in the trunk, and it REALLY sounds good! there is really NO audible distortion at any level. the highs are crystal clear, mids are smooth, with no signs of strain, and the bottom is deep and tight. all for a ridiculously low price! what else csan you ask for? needless to say, i highly recommend this amp! get it. you won't regret it.

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