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Boss Audio ATV85B

Item #: 37107

Powersports Plug and Play Audio System with Weather Proof 8 Inch Component Speakers, Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Built in 700 Watt Amplifier
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Harry S - Arizona
06/21/2017 04:13 PM

So, I purchased an ATV85B in July of 2014, after purchasing a 2014 Polaris Quad. After mounting the ATV85B, I was able to ride the Quad for a total of about 5 hours, and listen to the ATV85B for about half of that, before going TDY with the Army and the Marines again (Military Contractor). Two days ago, (June 2017), I get the Polaris out, and prepare for a ride. I plug in the ATV85B, and.. NADA!! The Power Plug LED glows red, but not a thing on the Control Head LED's. Hmm.. Checked the Fuse in the Power Plug, its good. Checked the DIN Plug that connects the Control Head to see if it is tight, no bent Pins, etc.. everything appears good. Plug it back in, NOTHING! My 2 year old ATV85B, with about 2.5 hours of run time is dead as a door-nail! This Unit isn't even dirty! It's been in my Garage! I Call BOSS Technical Support to see if anything can be done. After a brief explanation to the Tech, and a couple of troubleshooting steps verified, I'm told that it is "probably the Bluetooth Control Head. That will be $35.00!" "So, because the Unit has been in my possession for 2 years, and is out of Warranty, despite having only about 2.5 hours of run time, I'm just screwed here... right??" "Yes.. We only warranty these for one year." "Is this Bluetooth Control Unit repairable?" "No, we don't repair them. We repair the Tube portion (Amp, Speakers, etc) but not the Control Head." "Ok, so what about the other ATV** Units on this Page I'm looking at ( ) ? Are they more robust than the ATV85B?" "No, they all use the same Bluetooth Control Head." "So, where is the Unit and the Control Head made?" "China.." Conclusion?? DO NOT BUY THESE UNITS! The Bluetooth Control Head Electronics are a single point of complete failure for the whole ATV Unit, and if my experience is any indication, the Control Head will only last for a very short time before failing. And if you are out of Warranty, you're out of the $250.00 ++ that you spent for the Unit, unless you buy another Controller. Despite these ATV Units looking nice, it is just eye candy. The Electronics are sensitive and weak. There are better Units out there for the same money! Buyer Beware!

Heath - Canada
10/24/2014 05:03 AM


Was never a big fan of boss audio until I took a chance on this rig. This thing is extremely loud! Nice clear thumpy bass. Purchased for a rzr as an alternative to the overpriced rooftop systems. This thing sounds way better and much louder! Was also a fun addition to my golf cart on tournaments.

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