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PowerBass S-10TD

Item #: 45531

10-inch Dual 4 ohm Thin-Mount S-Series Car Subwoofer 550 Watts
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Jeff - Ocotillo
04/19/2016 02:49 PM

Put this in the back of my wife's Chrysler Paciifica in a .67 cu. ft downfiring box getting 200W RMS from a Powerbass ASA 200.2x. I just wanted it to give the factory system a little more oomph, but it FILLS the whole interior with ridiculous bass! I have the factory system bass turned all the way down (-8) and the amp's gain turned down to almost nothing and simply let the sub play everything under 100 Hz and it is everything I ever wanted - any louder than that and the wife would complain it's too loud! For under $50 this is the ideal sub for a small sealed application, it loves to be in the cabin with us but I suspect a sedan with a sealed trunk would muffle all this goodness.

kjbad - Chandler, AZ
01/07/2016 08:17 AM

This is an excellent shallow mount sub. Came out of the box looking the part, it's almost 10 lbs and a very solid unit. I have it firing downward in a pre-fab Atrend 0.66 cu. ft. sealed box in my trunk (Chrysler Sebring sedan). The sub is a perfect match for the sub channel of my PowerBass XAX-5670FD amp (320W RMS @ 2 ohms) and it comfortably handles the power just fine. Tuned with a 50 Hz, 0 dB signal and a DMM to ensure no clipping, and the bass is powerful and clean. This sub replaced a Matrix LX10 (rated 250 W @ 4 ohms, not loud enough) and an MB Quart RLP 254 (sensistivity only 81 dB, definitely not loud enough and voice coil blew) that were in the same box. I even tried 2 Matrix LX12s (sounded great, but box was bigger than I wanted). This is finally right for me - a small package that delivers what my bass notes should sound like (good thump measured down to 28 Hz with my test tone generator). I listen to funk, hip hop, and rock, and this sub plays them all very well. If you want a shallow sub that can rattle your mirrors with strong, clean, unlocalized bass, this is the one. If you want to shake the block or be heard miles away, you will want full-size subs anyway - as it is, I wanted a stealth install that sounded great and this is the right sub for me. For this price, you can't buy a better 10" shallow sub.

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