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Meters & Testers

Sound Meters» Sound Meters

Accurately measure the sound levels of your car audio system.

Carbon Monoxide Meters» Carbon Monoxide Meters

Safeguard against Carbon Monoxide with these meters that help detect incomplete burning of fuel within your vehicle.

Voltage & Power Meters» Voltage & Power Meters

Voltage and Power meters measure the amount of electric energy consumed by a residence, business, or an electrically powered device.

Heat Sensors & Thermometers» Heat Sensors & Thermometers

Heat Sensors and Thermometers measure the temperature of a particular item or area. Don’t wait until your set-up overheats, buy one and extend the life of your equipment.

Light Meters» Light Meters

Accurately measure the amount of light in a particular area with our expert Lights Meters.

Network Cable Testers» Network Cable Testers

Not sure what's wrong with your network? Before you buy an expensive replacement router or cable modem, test your cables! If the wires are broken our testers will detect it.

All Meters & Testers» All Meters & Testers

Whether it’s light, sound, temperature, or conductivity, get an exact idea with our expert Meters and Testers.