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Car Video & Multimedia

Car Video & Multimedia is made up of all the different types of In-Dash as well as other systems that have video playback capabilities. These systems range from the standard In-Dash video receiver to an Overhead Video or Headrest Monitor.
In-Dash Video players are at the forefront of mobile technology and innovation. These car head units feature an attached or built-in screen which allow you to view your favorite DVDs or digital video files stored on Flash Drives or SD/MMC memory cards. The available screens vary in size and configuration especially between 1DIN and 2DIN receivers. Often, in-dash video players feature touch screen user interfaces which make controlling the receiver a more user friendly experience.
We offer many different Overhead monitors that come in different sizes and most have a built-in DVD player as well as an IR remote control. Enjoy watching crystal clear video with screen sizes from 7' up to 20' and beyond.
Entertain your passengers by replacing those regular headrests into headrest monitors where you’ll enjoy crystal clear video with some models that include a built-in DVD player and includes an IR remote. Some features also include audio and video input that enables video game connection.
Car in-dash DVD players allow you to play DVD disks that can be output to any number of overhead, headrest, or visor monitors without distracting the driver with a screen directly in the front of the vehicle. In addition, many DVD players have the ability to play digital media files directly from a data DVD loaded in the receiver. Each DVD can hold thousands of MP3, AAC, or WMA music files or hundreds of MP4, AVI, MOV or WMA video files and allow you to take your entire media library with you on the go.
Universal or Raw Panel Monitors are stand-alone monitors that can be used with an auxiliary multimedia source like an in-dash receiver or hide-away DVD player. These versatile panels are used to provide entertainment to in many different situations including: standard car multimedia applications, RVs, campers, and even spas and restaurants.
Avoid accidents, hook up your trailer easily, or just protect the ones you love. Rear view cameras is another level of safety to parking and backing up your vehicle. Enjoy the convenience when backing into tight spaces or parallel parking.
Kick your mobile multimedia experience up a notch with these integratded in-car video gaming systems. They're a great addition for keeping your passengers entertained or the kids off your back.
Why not escape the blinding sun with a visor monitor where you can watch all your favorite DVD movies and shows with the built-in DVD player. We offer visor monitors from 7' and up to 9' in sizes in pairs as well as different colors.
Rearview Monitors are connected to rear-view cameras and provide an alternative way to view behind the vehicle to ensure the way is clear while backing up.
You might have found the perfect overhead monitor but to your surprise it doesn't fit your vehicle. An overhead monitor trim lets that perfect overhead fit your specific vehicle without having to do too much custom work. We offer many different overhead trims for many types of vehicles.
Headphones used in vehicles, these can come in wired or wireless versions. Wireless versions use Infra Red (IR) transmission to receive sound.

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