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Cerwin Vega HED525

Item #: 33439

 5.25" 160W 2-Way HED Series Coaxial Car Audio Speakers 
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SL1M STEF - Florida
11/19/2014 09:44 PM

I've owned these for a year and replaced my Bose factory back door speakers with the Vega Hed525. If I replace them ever again I will go with a 6 inch speaker due to the available space. I would not even look at boss but would buy these over Sony or Pioneer speakers as well. Cerwin Vega build on quality and not quantity like so many other established brands have done. However, I don't over push them they are only getting about 60 watts per a speaker. At that 80 recommended watt range I doubt that it would last. Saying that even though any speaker or sub says its recommended wattage is xxxx. I advise to always throw 25% less than that at them due to continuous wattage is very harmful to speakers. Yet, if you have money to burn than just push them to the limits its your call but I don't even like to buy speakers or subs every 2-3 yrs. Usually, its just not buying them. That leads into replacing and installing the new ones. I like to get 5 plus and even hope for more.

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