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Mobile Multimedia Accessories

Get the most out of your multimedia devices with our mobile multimedia accessories. These add on HD radio and satellite tuners, optional interfaces, convenience accessories, and cables will take your multimedia experience to the next level.
Headphones used in vehicles, these can come in wired or wireless versions. Wireless versions use Infra Red (IR) transmission to receive sound.
Mobile TV Tuners capture TV signals for playback on a video monitor in your vehicle. Most use high performance ATSC/QAM demodulator for the best video quality playback. Tuners can receiver SD or HD quality video or both depending on how they are built.
Avoid accidents, hook up your trailer easily, or just protect the ones you love. Rear view cameras is another level of safety to parking and backing up your vehicle. Enjoy the convenience when backing into tight spaces or parallel parking.
iPod control adapters make it easier than ever to listen to your iPod in the car. You'll get better sound due to direct connection and your iPod charges its battery at the same time.
Car stereo USB cables allow you to connect a protable storage device like a hard drive or USB thumb drive to a compatible car receiver. You can then play your digital media files through the receiver directly from the drive.
HD Radio Tuners allows access to digital radio signals with up to near CD-quality sound and in some cases commercial free channels. Your receiver may also receive additional information such as song titles and artists.
These help keep you up-to-date on traffic conditions along routes you've programmed into your navigation system. They warn you of specific traffic incidents, including accidents, and construction, which usually gives you time to adjust your route and avoid getting stuck in time-killing jams.
Video Signal Splitters can be used to distribute video signals from a DVD receiver throughout different video monitors in your vehicle.
Video signal that has been split into many different video monitor outputs tend to lose their original quality. What video signal amplifiers do is intercept these video signals before they reach their output destination and enhance or amplify them so that there is little to no video quality loss.
If you happen to have many video sources in your vehicle such as a DVD player, video game system, VHS, or a portable video player but only have one video output source then a Video Source Selector enables you to connect all these video sources into one unit that enables you to select which source to output into the monitor.
FM Modulators enable you to connect the audio from your portable music device or satellite radio tuner to your car stereo. Just plug in your source into the many inputs the modulator may have and you will be able to access your music from a selected FM frequency.
The primary purpose of a power inverter in your vehicle is to "convert" the the current output from your vehicles power system into power than can be used by standard home electronics, like video game systems, DVD/Blueray players, and Laptops

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