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Power & Battery Accessories

Battery Sleeves» Battery Sleeves

Keep your vehicle's battery in place with Battery Mounts & Sleeves.

Car Batteries» Car Batteries
Adding a car audio battery to your system will ensure your amplifier can draw all the power it needs. Any High powered audio system need to constantly draw on your battery is going to need a second battery to make sure it works in top performance. You may choose to simply add a supplementary battery or replace your factory battery all-together with a high performance solution.
Capacitors» Capacitors

Car audio subwoofers requires a minimum amount of power to perform well and when used properly; capacitors can ensure that you’re system always gets the power it needs. When your vehicles electrical system has all the power it needs, you're less likely to experience things like dimming lights.

Battery Terminals» Battery Terminals

Electrical contacts used to connect a load and/or charger to a car battery. We provide a wide variety of battery terminal designs, sizes, and features that fit your needs.

Battery Chargers» Battery Chargers

Battery chargers can be one of two things in a vehicle, a charger for the main vehicle battery and charger for devices such as an iPod that can be charged using a specific car charger.

Battery Posts» Battery Posts

Battery posts can become rusted and corroded over time. Replacing them can breath new life into your vehicles electrical system and keep things running smoothly. 

Battery Monitors» Battery Monitors

Monitors the voltage available to help protect the user from battery failure and prolong their battery's lifespan.

Current Isolator Relays» Current Isolator Relays

Current isolator relays isolate current from a secondary battery allowing it to become dedicated to your car's stereo system.

12 Volt Power Supplies» 12 Volt Power Supplies
Power Supplies are external power source used for powering car audio hardware that has a wide range of use including car shows or whenever the alternator isn’t feeding your system any amperage. If you need to run your system at maximum levels go with this accessory to show off your system at car audio trade shows and also makes a great accessory for bench testing 12 volt (car audio) gear.
All Power & Battery Accessories» All Power & Battery Accessories

Car Batteries & Accessories are the foundation of a good car audio equipment install. It doesn't matter how much juice your amplifier will put out or how much power your speakers can handle if your car's electrical system can't handle it.