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Mobile Sound Processing

Crossovers» Crossovers

Car audio Crossovers are used specifically in audio applications especially in hi-fi audio to help aid individual loudspeaker drivers with low and high frequencies that they can't cover by themselves. Another use for a crossover is for Multiband Processing which the audio signal splits into bands. 

Equalizers» Equalizers

Equalizers are an essential part of any sound system. There are two major types of EQs: parametric equalizers, and the graphic equalizers. They act as filters which allow you to adjust and compensate for the unequal frequency response and interference of some other signal processing circuit or source unit. 

Signal Processors» Signal Processors

Add-on interfaces that filter interferance and distortion from an audio source and ouput a cleaner, more refined audio signal.

Bass Enhancers» Bass Enhancers

Most factory stereos or even high-end systems protect speakers by reducing their sub harmonic output when cracking the volume on high. If you’re looking to get past this bottle neck in your system then you’ll want to install a Bass Enhancer then adds more bass at high volume levels while keeping your bass response balanced at low volume.

Noise Filters» Noise Filters

Noise filters eliminate noise and interfereance from your vehicle's engine or other audio components to increase the clarity and over-all quality of your car audio system.

Line Output Converters» Line Output Converters

Line Output Converters allows you to connect a receiver that has no pre-amp outputs to an amplifier without speaker level inputs. You typically run into situations like these when connecting an amplifier to a factory receiver.

Pre-Amps & Line Drivers» Pre-Amps & Line Drivers

Pre-Amps & Line Drivers boost the RCA voltage level out of head units or other line level devices to your amplifier. The result is increase over-all system performance and clarity.


Ground Loop Isolators» Ground Loop Isolators

Often times, faulty design and or improper installations of car audio and video can generate noise and interference. A Ground Loop Isolator helps eliminate these by simply installing them between the head unit, amplifier or equalizer. 

All Mobile Sound Processing» All Mobile Sound Processing

Have you spent a lot of time and energy tweaking your car audio system but the sound isn't quite perfect? Change that with one of our sound processing accessories. They'll help you clean up distortion and help you give empasis to the subtle nuances that make an audio system amazing.