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Car Audio Installation Accessories

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car audio installation

Car Audio Installation Accessories

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Car Audio Installation Accessories

Car Audio Installation Accessories

Take care of the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves, goes the old saying. Here at OnlineCarStereo.com, you can get all the little things you need for replacing or upgrading your vehicle audio equipment, including wiring, tools, speaker baffles and much more. Best of all, you can shop our website 24/7 and get free delivery in the U.S. right to your door.

Installation Accessories for Car Audio

Your system will sound great when you’ve installed it correctly. But even factory audio elements require a variety of accessories for proper signal transfer and output. Additional recommended supplies will really separate your system from the muffled pack. We carry all the odds and ends you might need to replace the OEM system or upgrade aftermarket radios, media players and speakers. Hear music the way it was meant to sound by using car audio installation accessories that are up to the task. If you’re seeking to make your system look as good as it sounds, check out our car speaker accessories such as speaker baffles and speaker adapter plates. They will give you the perfect fit and the right look.

The Best Audio Installation Supplies

Listen to the amazing highs, mids and lows of modern audio with our high-quality accessories. Factory integration wiring harnesses are a must for connecting the new element to your existing electronics. Use our Vehicle Fit Guide to find harnesses designed for your car’s make and model. If you’re installing new speakers, make sure you get the right car speaker adapter plates, spacers and speaker baffles to mount them without empty space or a sloppy fit. We have plenty of universal vehicle antennas and aftermarket radio antenna adapters for getting crisp AM/FM signals. If the engine or road noise is drowning out the music, add sound-deadening materials to enjoy quiet cruising.

Tools & How-To’s

Don’t waste your time struggling with general-use tools that can ruin your new equipment. Special car audio installation tools make the process faster and easier. Our selection of car audio tools includes radio removal tools, mounting brackets, test microphones and sound mat rollers. Need a helping hand? Our car stereo training DVDs cover topics ranging from speaker enclosure design to door panel modifications for your custom installation.

Great Brands at Great Prices

Shop here for car audio accessories from Axxess, Metra Electronics, Audison and other major brands. As an authorized retailer, we offer a low price guarantee and full manufacturer warranty support. Other benefits include free shipping and lifetime tech support for your installation — no static at all. Call us Monday-Friday for live assistance from our audio experts.

Car Audio Installation FAQs

If the car is on, there are generally no worries about a subwoofer draining the battery, as the alternator will keep it charged up. However, car batteries can be strained and much faster drainage occurs if the car is off while the sub is playing music.

It can take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours to install a subwoofer. The total time varies depending on whether the stereo is the factory original or an aftermarket receiver. SUVs and trucks also take longer than cars, and installing other components (such as amplifiers) can further lengthen the process.

Since subwoofers require lots of power, you should install an amplifier with them. Although it is not technically required, there will be a significant improvement in sound quality and volume if your subwoofer has an amp.

Amps should have proper ventilation because they may overheat if not properly placed in the car. To avoid overheating, amps should have at least two inches of open space on the top and sides.

The perfect direction is up for debate — and has been for decades. There is no real “best direction” other than what sounds right in your vehicle. A popular placement is in the trunk pointing away from the driver towards the back of the car. Other options include facing the rear seat, pointing upwards or other the rear seat. Feel free to experiment and see what sounds best to your ears.

Top Brands in Car Audio Installation Accessories