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Lanzar WDN2000.1D (WDN2000.1D) Lanzar WDN2000.1D
2000W Wrath Series Mini-Class-D Mono Block Amplifier (1-ohm Stable)
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Lanzar WDN800.2D (WDN800.2D)
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar WDN800.2D
800W Wrath Series Mini-Class-D Full Range 2-Channel Amplifier (Bridgeable)
$105.00 Buy Now
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Lanzar MAXP1000N (MAXP1000N)
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar MAXP1000N
1500Ws Mono Block MOSFET Power Amplifier
$86.95 Buy Now
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Lanzar EV1804D (EV1804D)
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar EV1804D
1500W 1-Channel SMD Class-D Evolution Series Power Amplifer
$199.99 Buy Now
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Lanzar MXA104 (MXA104)
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar MXA104
1600W Mono Block MOSFET Power Amplifier
$83.94 Buy Now
Free Shipping
Lanzar Vibe VIBE1400N (Vibe VIBE1400N)
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar Vibe VIBE1400N
2000W Vibe Mono Block MOSFET Amplifier
$100.95 Buy Now
Free Shipping
Lanzar VIBE1100N
Not Rated Yet
Lanzar VIBE1100N
Vibe 1600 Watts Mono Block Mosfet Amplifier
$90.95 Buy Now
Free Shipping

Mono Subwoofer Amplifiers

Mono amps are generally used for extremely low frequencies (ie bass) that are channeled into a single or multiple subwoofers. If you really love your music and you want to get the best out of your car audio/stereo system; you'll be amazed at the difference a mono amp and a subwoofer will make. When choosing an amplifier for your application, remember that it's usually better to use a more powerful amplifier with the gain controls turned down for better coupon for viagra viagra coupon coupons for prescription drugs

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