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Kicker KS25 (11KS25)
Not Rated Yet
Kicker KS25
1" 300W KS-Series Titanium Dome Tweeters
$105.00 Buy Now
Free Shipping
Kicker KS13 (11KS13) Clearance
Not Rated Yet
Kicker KS13
1/2-inch KS Series PEI Dome Tweeters
$79.00 Buy Now
Kicker 04SS30 Clearance Kicker 04SS30
1-3/16" Tetoron Dome Tweeters
$119.00 Buy Now
Free Shipping
Kicker KS20 (11KS20)
Not Rated Yet
Kicker KS20
3/4-inch KS Series Aluminum Dome Tweeters
$79.00 Buy Now
Kicker 41KST254 (KST254)
Not Rated Yet
Kicker 41KST254
1" KS-Series Silk Dome Car Tweeter
$99.00 Buy Now
Kicker CST20 (41CST20)
Not Rated Yet
Kicker CST20
3/4" Titanium Dome CS-Series Tweeters
$45.00 Buy Now
Kicker 41CST204 (CST204)
Not Rated Yet
Kicker 41CST204
3/4" Titanium Dome CS-Series Tweeters
$45.00 Buy Now
Kicker 41KST204
Not Rated Yet
Kicker 41KST204
3/4" KS-Series Silk Dome Tweeter
$75.00 Buy Now


Tweeters used in car audio systems are small loudspeakers designed to produce high frequency audio output, typically from around 2,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz (which is typically considered to be the upper limit of human hearing). Some tweeters can manage response up to 45 kHz. The name is derived from the high pitched sounds, or tweets, made by some birds. Tweeters are sold separately to allow you to take full control of your experience by allowing you to tailor the it to your tastes.

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