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Kenwood Excelon :: X1200M :: $285.00

Kenwood Excelon X1200M

Item# 21337

1200W RMS Mono Block Digital Power Car Amplifier

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The Japanese kanji characters symbolize "powerfulness". It is a character that stands for rigidity and strength. The X1200M delivers the highest levels of output power possible thanks to its Dual Power Supply that reduces voltage loss allowing the amplifier to perform under extreme demands.

Power and Performance

    • 800W RMS x 1 @ 4 Ohms
    • (20Hz-200Hz @ 1%THD)
    • 1200W RMS x 1 @ 2 Ohms
    • (100Hz @ 1% THD)
    • 800W RMS x 1
    • (RMS @ 4O, 1% THD+N)
    • 75dBa Signal-To-Noise Ratio
    • Variable Low-Pass Filter: 50Hz-200Hz (-24dB/oct)
    • Variable Infrasonic Filter: 15Hz-40Hz (-24dB/oct)
    • Battery: Hex Type (4 AWG)
    • Ground: Hex Type (4 AWG)
    • Speaker: Hex Type (8 AWG)
    • Operating Voltage: 14.4V
    • Current Consumption: 90A
    • S/N Ratio: 105dB
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz-200Hz
    • Input Sensitivity: 0.2V ~ 5.0V

General Features

  • Powerful Amplifier Series
  • Class D Mono Power Amplifier
  • Dual Power Supply
  • Digital Sigma Drive
  • Thermal Management
  • Power MOS-FET Switching Power Supply
  • Optional Bass Boost Wired Remote (KCA-WR10)
  • Cast Aluminum Heat Sink Design
  • Dual Cooling Fans
  • Double-Sided Glass Epoxy Circuit Boards
  • Hexagon Screw Type 4AWG Terminal Blocks - Power/Ground
  • Hexagon Screw Type 8AWG Terminal Blocks – Speaker Output
  • Single-Side Exposure Of Terminals For Multi-Installation
  • Line Output Terminals For Extension

Class D Amplifier

For subwoofer applications, Class D amps are beautifully efficient and their small size offers installation flexibility. Before amplifying an incoming signal, a Class D amp converts the signal to digital. Digital signals can be amplified very efficiently, so you get a lot more power with less current. Less input current reduces power supply size and generates less waste heat, thus reducing the heat sink size. The amp then converts the amplified signal back to analog.

Dual Sigma Drive

This advanced negative feed back circuit improves damping factor and increases accuracy and sound quality. When a signal is passed to a subwoofer, like a 50Hz note, the speaker will move and create the note. However, because the speaker has mass and a suspension, it won’t stop moving once it’s in motion. This extra movement (sound) creates a type of distortion that’s not part of the original signal. The negative feedback circuit senses this unwanted movement and send out an opposite pulse to stop the speaker like an electronic brake.

Dual Power Supply

This design provides one power supply for positive current and one power supply fro negative current. The result is cleaner voltage source, less failure due to short circuit or power loss due to variances in transformer tolerances, and less transformer noise even when the positive and negative loads are unstable!

Infrasonic Filter

The infrasonic filter eliminates inaudible ultra low frequencies that can cause unwanted distortion. The filter can be adjusted between 15Hz to 40Hz depending on the subwoofer and enclosure being used.

Variable Low Pass Filter

The built-in variable LPF allows the user to select a variable frequency and remove damaging high frequencies from the subwoofer pathway for more bass output with less distortion.

Bass Boost Wired Remote Ready

This optional KCA-WR10 wired remote allows bass boost frequency adjustments and level adjustments for bass. For example you could add a 8dB boost at 43Hz by simply adjusting the position of the knobs. If you are using two amps, you can use a phone splitter so one bass boost can operate both amps.

    *Warranty: 1 Year warranty.
    1 Year warranty from implies that repairs must be returned to, not the manufacturer. More information can be found in our help section under returns & warranties.
    What's not covered : Misuse, abuse, defacement, physical damage of any kind, and improper installation / operation. Video and multimedia equipment with damaged or cracked screens.Subwoofers and speakers are not warranted against being blown, burned or abused.

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       Michael Connors From machine 85

    Best smp I have ever owned I psyda lil to much for it but it was well worth it when I hooked it up to my earthquake dbxi12s dual 4ohm subs it hammers them on 1ohm and sounds better than amps I have payd 350- 500$ for my.subs need nr power and this amp is linkable to another so im going to run one on each sub tgtdm shld get me the power I need but I was shocked buy how powerful this amp was I have a earthquake 2000d1.1 j class mono block amp and it was around 359$ and the Kenwood x1200m amp blew it away by fare I have 4 12s total 2 2-ohm fosgate t 2s and 2-earthquake dbxi12s both sound very similar there in twi separate ported boxes the earthquake subs hit harer u feel it in ur chest and ears it blew out my tail lights and the covers sum were I.nevr found them abd it popped out all my tail lights the earthquake subs get me,138-144dbs alone the fosgste t2s off the same amp doesn't perform as we'll caus I think it bot pushing them enough  but all 4 12s with a Kenwood x1200m on both sets of subs hanmers to the point that I can get my back window to blow out at154-156dbs my window waves and shatters so this lil.amp can do sum serious damage whn ran rite its 1-ome stable and it nevr heats up ir cuts off I have a external kenetic battery and a good cap with 0 gauge power wire distribution blocks with inline fuse and a high output alternater and battery . Car is a 2001Ultima nothing special about it lol just louder than any other car in my state thanks Kenwood x1200m amp is a bad ass machine of pure clean power dont sleeping on this amp u can pick one up on eBay sum times for under,150$ and the amp is well worth tht $-  iv nevr seen a amp priced so cheap Tht works so good 

       Mitch From Brainerd,MN
    Two 12" inch Kicker l5.WOW. Have had alot and heard alot of stereos. But loudest twelves i ever heard.It`s all the amp.

       Joseph S From Modesto CA.
    this is one of the best amps ive ever bought ( but i went the cheap way and bought it refurbed and its stuck in protection mode now) but imma buy this 1 here. i had mine hooked up to a single 12 audiobahn dvc @4ohms and this just slams my car and its hella loud. i had to get a 4ch amp to balance the sound. so i bought the x600f kenwood amp and thats and excellent amp as well and it matches too.